Green Bamboo: the intensity of flexibility

Those who have seen the movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" will be familiar with the image of bamboo: flexible and firm, gentle and strong. These unique qualities make bamboo close to ancient Chinese philosophy and give bamboo health benefits in a smart and elegant atmosphere.


In China, the highly respected bamboo reflects the unity of celestial bodies in ancient art, such as the misty mountains and bamboo leaves, delicious bamboo weaves and bamboo baskets.

When the anger of the atomic bomb released in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War was only slightly damaged by bamboo, the strength of the bamboo was obvious. It was also one of the first plants to reappear after the deadly war, and thus occupied a special position in the hearts of the Japanese. When the breeze blows through the wind chimes made of bamboo, visitors to Japan will be captivated by the melodious and natural sound.

In Hawaii, bamboo is called “ohe”, bamboo crafts have been promoted into works of art, and exquisite tapa seals are carved from open bamboo.

Before the invention of the wheel, bamboo provided a strong shaft for carrying a basket woven from bamboo fibers, thus revealing its wide range of uses.


Bamboo has a strong survival skill. Like grass, it grows fast and breeds on its own. Like wood, it is strong and can be found all over the world. Although bamboo requires very little water to sustain itself, some species require only 20 inches of rain, but most large bamboos become faster when exposed to plenty of sunlight.

Bamboo has grown tremendously in areas of poverty and resource scare, like gifts to humans, and has played a full role in just a few years of life.

The height of bamboo ranges from 30 cm dwarf plants to more than 40 m 徘徊 wood bamboo.

Bamboo is classified according to the type of root. Runners, mainly of tropical bamboo, proliferate, while clusters of temperate bamboo slowly expand from primitive planting. There are also root systems that combine these two types.

There are many kinds of bamboo leaves. There are soft, velvety leaves with jagged edges and leaves, and a hair-like ornament around the base of the stem and stem [stem] sheath.

Health note

Bamboo is an important element of Chinese medicine, with a temperament from mild to cool. Thus, although specific health benefits vary depending on the various parts and flavors of the bamboo, in general, bamboo can help detoxify, repel insects, eliminate heat, remove sputum, inhibit vomiting, rejuvenate and quench thirst. No wonder bamboo is a favorite of pandas. In fact, bamboo is often used as an animal feed because of the large amount of crude protein.

Bel' Air's Green Bamboo Essential Oil is the result of a comprehensive study. A beneficial extract called bamboo is extracted from the joints of bamboo stems. It is rich in silice, which is a rich calcium storage. After aromatherapy with green bamboo essential oil, it supplements calcium and strengthens bones. This innovative essential oil can also alleviate the problems of the elderly, such as back pain and rheumatism, as well as enhance the material content of children and adolescents to promote their growth.

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