Green building with natural cork floor

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As the trend of environmental protection continues to grow locally and internationally, the growing ethics of green building is not a big surprise. More homes are being built and green is considered. Many existing homeowners are also looking for ways to achieve green at home. Many so-called green building materials have entered the market with their respective advantages and disadvantages. However, we would like to introduce you to a green building material that has existed for thousands of years. This is a flooring product known as cork flooring.

Before we delve into this flooring solution, we want you to understand why it is a green building material. First of all, the cork flooring is entirely cork material, which is obtained from cork oak. Specifically, the cork material comes from the bark of the tree. The manufacturer harvests the bark every nine years after maturity. The process of harvesting the bark is harmless to the cork oak and makes it intact. This means that no deforestation is required to harvest softwood material. In fact, many laws exist in the native countries of softwood oak to protect them and the harvest process. You can rest assured that cork as a flooring product is a completely environmentally friendly, sustainable natural renewable resource.

Almost all cork flooring manufacturers produce glue bricks and floating floors. The comparison between the two products is usually the installation cost and product cost. Glued cork bricks often require a more professional installation due to the specific type of subfloor, adhesive, finish and sealant required. Cork floating floors are pre-finished and have a point-and-click system to install them. This means they don't require glue or nails and can usually be installed on existing floors. However, the actual cost of the product is not just cork.

Green building materials cork flooring has many benefits. First, its beauty matches almost any other hardwood floor; there are hundreds of pattern variations, colors and natural tones. Manufacturers can even add custom colors to your cork flooring if needed. Second, the durability and comfort of cork flooring is amazing. You rarely get a comfortable floor while being durable. This is due to the cellular structure of cork. Millions of tiny honeycomb-shaped air-filled cells in cork materials enable them to absorb and cushion shocks, impacts, and the like. Softwood materials are also resistant to mold, mold, moisture, pests and bacteria due to the naturally occurring waxy substance Suberin in cork stoppers. The last benefit we need to mention is very good for allergy sufferers because cork is actually hypoallergenic.

As you can see, cork flooring is an excellent green building material that is perfect for every family in the world. If the green trend continues and is likely to occur, cork flooring will become increasingly popular. If you would like more information about this amazing flooring product and find a contractor or carpenter in your area, please follow the link below. I hope that you will help protect the environment and use cork flooring in your next home improvement project.

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