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  1. KROQ

    Hear "Father of All…" by Green Day and more alternative hits on KROQ by streaming from the Radio.com app: https://www.radio.com/kroq/listen

  2. Alinesia Rais

    Watch guitar cover father of all on this link

  3. Your Favorite Friend

    This band fuckin sucks. The new song sounds like a terrible overproduced white stripes b side. And instead of worrying about their failure as artists, they focus on donald fucking trump as reported via the media that is owned by his opposition political party.

    Good fucking lord.

  4. Kian Kapil

    26 mins wtf

  5. if you didn’t catch them on KROQ then you can here them on the woody show on ALT 98.7

  6. Brax fan

    Love you Green Day 💚💚 SO pleased you're back! Billie Joe you're so cool and gorgeous, and I love your accent! But I'm missing the eyeliner! ❤🇬🇧💥

  7. Atakan Simsek

    4:37 You don't need turkey, Turkey 🇹🇷 needs you…


    Tantos años, y ellos se ven igual… cómo le harán?

  9. Day6 Stan

    He’s dead. So why not me? Is a great quote to live by

  10. v8nightmarekk

    garbage new song

  11. Milo DeMars

    The hella mega tour will be great 😱😱

  12. Grim Absol

    The new song is ass. That’s all

  13. smilles and depressed

    Dude I’ve been listening to Green Day since I was like 8 years old fuck yea keep rocking Billie joe and tre and mike love you guys so much probably won’t see this but idc gotta represent

  14. Sören Potthoff

    Green Day… I love you guys… You saved my life. But whenever a band in their 50's decide to switch everything up it doesn't work out.

  15. Vlog Epicness

    Green Day: Announcing a tour almost a year away.
    Me: Ok

  16. Brunna A.

    "Let's give a kick in the ass to rock and roll" 😎🤘🏻

  17. Cashed Out My Luck

    Someone listens to rogan

  18. iLessThan3i

    New Green Day? Can’t wait! (:

  19. Arp Laszlo

    And here's a 'He's dead so why not me' t shirt 🤣 https://www.quackatoa.com/product/hes-dead-so-why-not-me-t-shirt/

    Anyone out there want a 'Billie Joe 3:16' shirt?

  20. David Smith

    no face tattoos yet?

  21. Kevin Allen Toole

    Rock on…………………

  22. JDAWG23_YT

    Angels and airwaves have been pumping out some good stuff. It may not be rock resurgence, but its some of their best work

  23. diRiG

    Dude Green Day are definitely legends.


    Me: waits for Billie to say y’know multiple times
    (Edit: Billie… visit San Antonio please)

  25. Darrien Day

    at the 12 minute mark, if you're gonna talk about denying someone then you have to let us know who it was, billie

  26. Norfadilawati Alias

    Omg.. Billie knows how to say cia cia cia 😝 love

  27. Kristijan Petrovic

    I'm a late bloomer with green day but Im starting to love there music

  28. Michele Saracino

    Billie Joe is getting old…

  29. sergio ramirez

    They are not green day…. green day uses eyeliners they are clearly the foxboro hot tubs Ha! You almost got me for a sec

  30. sergio ramirez

    Who was the person that wanted to induct them into rocknrollHoF?

  31. FanTi

    All my live i Want to Go to a Green day Conzert and, i‘m be on a Conzert
    Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪
    Sry for my Bad englisch

  32. Liz

    The one thing that I think spoils this radio station there seems to always a be stupid pointless woman who is interrupting the interviews and laughing in the background. If you are not interviewing guests: go away. Anyway super excited about this….

  33. MWM

    MoRe Shows IN CANADA!!!!!

  34. David

    So glad they’re back!!!

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