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  1. Avengers Forever

    😱 wow amazing

  2. Beltajane Jane

    I hate knox becase noting support root in your and my phone !!!

  3. Alex Whitton

    69 BPM


  4. MD Najmul

    seems like samsung just exposed someone data in this ad

  5. silverxbladeX

    Can't wait for One UI 2.0 for my galaxy Note 9!

  6. Arda

    Samsung can you pleas make a video about Samsung Knox what is Knox ?

  7. terry chen

    This is so good

  8. Robin Knopf

    I hate my s9… my charger is trash now my headphones r trash… my phone lag so mutch
    .. iphone is mutch better cuality, next time i'll buy iphone

  9. Ana

    Queria Porem estou sem dinheiro, fico só querendo mesmo 🙁

  10. Sreehari Madhu

    Yeah right. And I dont even have Knox on my latest Samsung Galaxy M30s.😒

  11. Prashant

    Samsung is cheating their customers recently,

    I was proud and satisfied Samsung customer till last month,
    I was a fan of Samsung note series phone.
    Last year purchased Samsung note 8 for about Rs 60,000.
    Just when 1 year and 2 months were over my phone started heating up to the extent like it would burst in hand and was not charging the battery too.
    When I called customer care they said goto authorise service center.
    And all this happened when I had updated my Samsung phone, so I'm sure it was due to update I had faced the issue.
    Now when I went to service center I was been informed my display is to be changed completely, internal kit, battery and charging port too.

    Cost is Rs 21,000 for all this.

    Also when I went to take back the cell without repairing. There were scratches on screen and they giving a foolish reason like although your phone was dead so what happened if it has scratches… As i gave them in very good condition…

    This whole experience with after sales service of Samsung makes me feel regret to choose this brand now,
    I don't understand, how could a phone without any physical damage or anything simply heats up and its battery, kit, display to stop working. And it being Rs 60,000 phone.

    Disappointed and regretting a lot to choose this Samsung brand.

  12. ツJustin

    Yo what's my heart rate at?

  13. Altamash Parwaiz

    Where is your bp monitor sensor on s9 and note 9 family ?


    Shameless Samsung removed heart rate sensor from note 10

  15. Анальный Дебошир

    When One UI 2.0 ?

  16. Prince Angina

    Hiiiii one ui 2.0 will be out soon i want to know if galaxy a10 up to a80 will have the update also for one ui 2.0 ??????.. well galaxy s7 up to s10+ will have the update… thanks you 👌👍

  17. hatdog

    Hello, how can I measure my Heart rate with a Note 10+?

  18. Noxman 113

    Nice Heart rate 0:04

  19. X-on


  20. ValTer 28

    I used samsung healt with my s8 and my gear s2 and now i upgraded it to the s10+ and the gear sport 😉

  21. Pulkit Sharma

    Love you SAM

  22. Anonymous


  23. Saadaan Sameer patel

    Listen the step counter does not work accurately..when I even step 1 step it counts continue…….its pretty bad thing….

  24. Blackbird

    nice heart rate

  25. Blackbird

    just give us dark mode for it

  26. The Vid delete

    i love you samsung

  27. Wâ Lîd Anonym

    Andtoid 10 ??

  28. Seeni Natrajan

    punch pole camera in Samsung

  29. Rakesh Chandra

    Im always curious about samsung's ads song and music …like.. I am " and …

  30. GoreMelt production

    Heart rate sensor is absent in Samsung Galaxy Note 10

  31. Andrei

    please root support

  32. yeet yeet

    69 bpm boiii

  33. Perikles kim

    14시간이나 잔다고?

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