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  1. Davie Notellin

    OMG! I was kind of down but came here, revisited Raven's "I'm gonna explode the Universe, again", she made me laugh so hard!! Bring back Raven, please! 🙂

  2. Sam Gibson

    Does anyone know when the 2020 festival is? I’m seriously interested in checking it out

  3. Johny Blitz

    I don’t like Ravens attitude

  4. Rumahku Syurgaku

    China | Terracotta Army Xian

    China | Forbidden City

    China | Kunming – Beautiful Journey

  5. Stephanie No

    I have been to Guilin once in 2017 and it was definitely a great place to visit!! The view there is soooo beautiful!!

  6. Will K

    2:27 is gold. Raven is awesome

  7. JOHN D

    nice video

  8. TheSkylarVlogs

    First 10 seconds…
    Me:I pity the fishies…

  9. Swajoh channel

    Wooww loved the video 😃😃😃😃

  10. Deepak

    Very informative vlog

  11. Chen Rose

    My boyfriend is from here

  12. G Waves

    Y these guys always eating thou

  13. Michael Zhang

    I want to explode on that chicks face

  14. Vivi Chen

    Explore the world

  15. 谢灵运


  16. 谢灵运


  17. 谢灵运


  18. Mexicano 213

    Shenmue 3

  19. Gaurav Yadav

    I am watching this video because of this girl😍


    This is the true meaning of tourism. You have to go deep into the local customs to experience different cultures, lives, and meet different people. Welcome to more ancient towns in China to experience much richer Chinese culture

  21. Roger Nguyen

    RAVEN ONLY YOU i would like to see you catching the fish in the river haha !!

  22. Roger Nguyen

    How can you dislike this video !

  23. Davideo Jockey

    there is something about asian girls eating that feels so not akward like every other people

  24. Davie Notellin

    We hope you will feature Raven in every future videos. I didn't notice at first, then she was in a few videos, then we all got hooked, she is the only one who can laugh and talk at the same time!

  25. Breezy Bench

    All of you people including film crews and friends, are having fun and also really respect other's and their culture, great job guys, I love all of you. Stay this way forever and remember the good times.

  26. Slinky Josh

    I totally thought you were making up the "clothes drying festival" 😂

  27. Josefina Dequito

    so enjoyable to watch guys…what a fun you have out there😂😂😂

  28. Rio Alfi

    wow… amazing


    Nice Trip, and we also want to let people know more about Chinese ethnic culture, and we are thinking to organize the interesting cultural experiences in ethnic minority areas of China. Welcome to China for your holiday

  30. Alex ander


  31. C B

    nv de sao bu la ji de

  32. Robertnano

    interesting and wonderful video ever seen. Great team

  33. J Y


  34. kai zuo

    really good vlog,you let me a chinese guy see and know something I don't know about China 2333

  35. Sarah Ver

    This vlog is so cool! I went to Tianjin in 2017 and also travelled to Guilin. It really is such a beautiful city. Thank you guys for sharing your adventures. It always feels like I’m with you.

  36. Chalisa Rp

    I like her saying "I'm going to explode the universe…" lol

  37. SV TV Guntur

    I have visited guiyang city and near placeses


    i missed the Guilin rice noodles so much, in Guilin each bowl of noodles cost like 5~4 yuan, like about 0.8 usd. But in the U.S. I have to travel to an other city to eat the noodles, and it's cost around 12 usd.


    love my hometown Guilin

  40. Dewina Oskar

    you its travel

  41. Rich 1

    Hi Raven

  42. Matt Mendonca

    If you’re traveling in China independently or with a guide, it will definitely add to your experience if you’re able to communicate a bit in Mandarin Chinese with the local population. There is this handy app which will allow you to speak basic Chinese, offering useful words and phrases that will make your trip in China much more care-free and pleasant! You don’t have to spend weeks of preparation and study but can just dive-in straightaway and speak a bit of useful Chinese within just a few days.


  43. noot Qiu

    they are all ladies put the hair flow the river,what are you doing,guy?.LOL

  44. noot Qiu

    Wow, they catch the fish just front the homedoor.

  45. WowMarie

    Yesss 😁

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