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  1. Judy Gayton

    This is great.
    dr's are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, to say nothing of the disability and addiction they cause. Misdiagnosis, theft, fraud, over testing, over treatment and systemic abuse of power are rampant in Canada. Because the WHO isn't even tracking the destruction to the public health and safety, they are likely the leading cause of death.
    Allopathic drugs which cure nothing and are toxic to the body (taken as prescribed) are the 4th leading cause of death. Psychotropic drugs have killed 5 million people in the last 10-years alone. Attending on dr and hospital is one of the biggest risks one can take with their life and health.
    The Social Determinants of Health (housing, decent food, education etc.) create far healthier communities and access to the sick care industry has little to nothing to do with real health.
    The IT industry is likely the only hope for this industry. If it can take away the rampant self-serving ($$$) dismal failure of drs to misdiagnose (thus mistreat) people, the death toll would decrease significantly. This is of course cutting into profits so it will be interesting to see if the industry is open to actual improvements or not.
    Patient safety groups are – laughable for the most part. Until they demand mandatory legal informed consent that discloses the risks of death, disability and addiction and the safe alternative and CAMERA's and recording (by BOTH parties) of ALL "medical" settings, they are just industry shills speaking for the public so no meaningful changes happen.
    The AI Doctor Orders More Tests In this world, AI could always be on hand to give doctors better information—or replace them altogether.

  2. Cybelle Maria Veiga Loureiro

    Vry good. How can we change ideas? We

  3. David Tell

    Great idea. Who is paying for it? What are the benchmarks? What are the results?

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