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  1. Ella Tiitinen

    I'm so glad he is back such a beautiful skating. And he looks like he's enjoying it too

  2. Yuan Wen

    He went to jwc with Yuzu and after all these years…too many things to say and can only wish him best afterwards

  3. koknesis

    Amazing, wonderful, fantastic!

  4. Drake

    Well deserved PCS….could have even been higher, regardless his moves and jumps are seamless and easy.

  5. Vncnt D

    I knew it would be difficult for Han Yan to hold on to the Gold without a quad, especially with Boyang Jin and Matteo Rizzo not very far behind him after the SP. Thrilled that he managed to win the Silver today. Didn't think I was going to see Han Yan in competition again, let alone look this good. Yes, he will need quads to be truly competitive down the line but for now I'm satisfied. Beautiful skating.

  6. Ricardo Asuncion

    Great skating! A balance of Artistry and Athleticism would still leave a greater impact to the audience. No quads here for now but still we all felt Yan Han's performance. 🙂 he's an artist. 🙂

  7. Catalina Estevez

    Es un buen patinaje, pero sin un par de quads, no podrá hacerle sombra a un Hanyu, Chen o Bojan Ying. Asi son las cosas en este deporte de alta competencia, no sólo es lo artístico, la técnica cuenta también.

  8. City on a Mountain

    I'm not sure that the disparity between his score and Jin is justified. This was great skating.

  9. Fer Rz

    Enamorada de su patinaje y de su programa! Feliz por él!

  10. jimmypikachuchoi

    Go Yan Han!!! You are awesome!!! Beautiful skating. Doesn't matter if you are doing the quads at the moment. Ppl remember programs like yours, or Misha's or Jason's. Keep on shining.

  11. Salvatore Damiano


  12. Ramses Osuna

    This is the most beautiful skating in men i've ever seen

  13. Liem Dang

    like his style but without quads he is like Jason, will not reach the medal round in big competition… 🙁

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