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  1. di butler

    Why are the white guy and the African woman in the turban there singing, lololol? Are the Chinese doing awkward diversity tokens now, too?


    Much celebration


    Waooo happy new year friend 2020 🎄 here we go

  4. goprocbr

    Gordon Chang retitling his book to: "The coming collapse of china: maybe" lmao

  5. Victor Gabriel

    Beautiful, Happy New Year 🌠

  6. Sukhadev Adsul

    Happening own love you grew 👆 on me probably be around the status of my life

  7. Amensa Seasan

    Thank you

  8. Amensa Seasan


  9. Ethan Linton

    its not new year 2020 in china not yet

  10. Dums Onns

    Thumbs down are those pest and envy on china

  11. R Thai

    ha ha ha, communism is still existing, poor Chinese, from Vietnam, Vietnamese people are happier, i'm good

  12. Noluc People

    I love China but this is the best I seen in china

  13. -

    Happy New Year China from France ! 🇨🇳♥️🇫🇷

  14. 中華傲訣

    China loves ballet a lot.

  15. I-ImPhoenixIGuess


  16. Astral Pesmerga

    there new year if jan 26?? chinese new yaee

  17. Technicolor-mom

    4:26 wow!!!!! I’ve never seen that before.

  18. Scalyfoot

    may Red China burn. I hope Mark Zuckerberg finds Xi's head on the foot of his bed the next new years.

  19. Razvi Khan

    Safe uighar muslim safe china

  20. Razvi Khan

    Uigar muslim

  21. M9

    Happy New year to everyone around the world.

  22. FlyLike aButterfly

    Beautiful performance! Wish y'all a happy n healthy New Year!

  23. Rupesh Patel


  24. Eвгений

    круто поздравляю с Новым годом ))) Грузия Тбилиси ))))

  25. Neil Price

    Why this video is about China but is made by Euronews? That looks so irrelevant to this channel.

  26. ymhktravel

    These foreign singers their mandarin pronunciation are better and more precise than mine. if you don't see their faces, you can be mistaken for them being chinese singers.

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