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  1. [MGP] Mister K

    I think it's neat, Chinese military hardware looks futuristic, like something out of a sci FI movie

  2. Neighbor Vadim

    Dude that thing is ugly it looks like stale paper

  3. On My way

    westerns are jealous !! Only thing they can do is leave negative comment , just ignore them

  4. CTO Information

    LOL, every time China got something new and nice, westerns automatically got pissed off and try so hard to convince themselves that it is a steal from them.

    LOL this is funny, I understand all of your frustration, but deal with the fact or do something better then…..like help your democracy Greece – your culture's root.

  5. Lucky Yiw

    Copy? From who? China got a few kindergarten kids to come up with a blue print.
    Then went deep into Brazilian forests got a few lost tribe men and built that helicopter for China.

  6. Tian Yang

    The Harbin Z-9  is a Chinese military utility helicopter. It is a licensed variant of the French Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin, and is manufactured by Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation——From Wikipedia

  7. Jaygogoya


  8. Flop Flip

    To all pnoys accusing China for copying things, try to copy a few things yourselves, and stop asking US for aid.

  9. YW L

    All you idiots complaining its copied from these and that. HOW MUCH OF A FUCKING DIFFERENCE WOULD A HELICOPTER LOOK? seriously. ..

  10. Chetan Bhat

    Another copied project from US
    bravo China,….bravo!

  11. Axe pro

    z19 and wz10 r brothers 

  12. Concerned Citizen

    Another reproduction of what someone else designed. Has China ever invented or designed something original? Other than gun powder?

  13. Riad Ahmed

    Ah 66 Comanche is how near to it?

  14. RODNEY L.

    Nice looking bird, but from the cockpit on back is almost identical to Eurocopter's AS 365 Dauphin!

  15. dearsuman1

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  16. Fidel Kapond

    They have never appreciate what other invention, but their own, do not forget that which civilization invented the most useful tool for human being "China"
    Gun, gun powder, cross bow, landmine, copy machine, cloths, rocket and all the agriculture equipment and many more, compass also found by the China, as well as warship,

  17. WTMortiferum


    Thanks for stating the obvious. Scout helicopter cannot beat a specialized attack helicopter. What surprise.

    Even US had to admit the Wz-10 (Attack helicopter) is better than Apache in its own way.

    Apache can carry a better load, Wz-10 is faster, have greater flight time and more maneuverable.

  18. mjcc01

    El diseño lo hizo la empresa Kamov de Rusia y los chinos lo fabricaron. Interesante

  19. maomao667

    The whole world is using the gunpowder made by Chinese.

  20. wrist blood

    looks like a passenger chopper

  21. Ian Moone

    It looks like the Cobra the US Marines use

  22. gagz singh

    very true ! its a copy of apache attack helicopter

  23. gagz singh

    copy of apache helicopter…. LOL

  24. John Holms

    Here we go again with another American copy.

  25. Mot Isy

    That's supposed to disguise itself as OH-1 in order to infiltrate to Japanese military bases.
    So clever of it!

  26. batia0121

    Check this one, WZ-10, they are on different duties.

  27. Spiritual Soldier

    So… Wheres the cannon?.

  28. Brigade

    Resembles OH-1Ninja pretty much.

  29. Qin Shihuang

    you sound insecure.

  30. brian ukwa

    China rips off everybody.that looks like the e.u attack chopper

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