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  1. Alexander Kalish

    Harry never lived in a police state. China has overbuilt and their economy is going to fail but the CCP has total control. Anybody who gets close to a revolution is going to disappear and their is no place to hide with total surveillance. . As HG Wells said, the future of humanity is a jack boot on your neck. The US is no different after the patriot act and remember who has total control here, it's the fascist Republicrats. Bought and paid for by the .01% about 140 families.
    Harry Dent is living in the 19th century when markets were free and the technologies to control folks did not exist. We can't go back unless we have a nuclear war that takes out this corrupt world order.

  2. NeoGeoSNK

    We had a revolution, it turned out to be a disaster ! Hunger, lawless, and chaos, we don’t want revolution, may be the US should try to experience another revolution to see how well it will end up for them.

  3. NaP

    the west are so stupid ,soooooooooooo stupid

  4. Rui Cao

    What a clown… Please, Mind your own business…And…problems in YOUR country…

  5. Zsari Maxim

    Democracy cannot correct capitalism when itself is ran and controlled by corporate interested. That's why the 1% in the US controls more wealth than China.

  6. Yannick Beaupre

    He want's so much to be right on gold, he's a joke.

  7. Alex Mercer

    The target audience of this anti-socialist propaganda isn't the Chinese, but the rest of the world to be dumber about economics.

  8. Kenyon Bissett

    Will Harry please discuss the challenges facing India 🇮🇳?

  9. whydotheheathensrage

    S&P looking to break out, fake buyers, fake bull, real profits

  10. KT Chong

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. The Chinese government is NOT threatened by the Hong Kong protestors and rioters stop or not – because so far the protests and riots have been LOCALIZED and CONTAINED in Hong Kong. The protests and riots become a problem and threat to China ONLY IF they spread beyond Hong Kong and into the mainland, ONLY IF other Chinese in the mainland join Hong Kong and protests and riots. Otherwise, the Chinese government can just continue to (largely) ignore the protestors and rioters in Hong Kong – because their efforts do NOT threaten the rule of the Chinese government in the mainland. The government is not going to bend over for a tiny territory that technically is not even under the direct rule of China.

    And THAT is the problem for the Hong Kong protestors and rioters: because other Chinese have already decided they do NOT support the Hong Kong protestors and rioters. When the protests in Hong Kong started, all those protestors foolishly announcing that they "are not Chinese", "do not want to be Chinese", and they were flying US flags, singing US anthem. In the eyes of other Chinese, (even Chinese who may otherwise oppose the Chinese communist government,) those words, behaviors and actions were treasonous and traitorous, not to the government, but to the Chinese people, the Chinese identity, and the Chinese culture. The Hong Kong's betrayal and treason of the Chinese people went beyond just against the government. The Hong Kong protestors basically screwed over themselves by sending the messages that they hate Chinese and hate being Chinese. They have antagonized and offended other Chinese, which ensured that other Chinese would not support nor join the Hong Kong protestors' efforts. As long as the Hong Kong protests (and riots) do not spread beyond the city, the protestors have no hope of actually changing anything.

    The Hong Kong protestors can continue to burn and shout and riot. The protests and riots do no affect the China mainland. They has no chance of gaining support from other Chinese. They won't spread into the mainland. Which is why the Chinese government has not yet cracked down – and will not crack down – on Hong Kong. THAT was the miscalculation of the Hong Kong protestors and their supporters/instigators.

  11. drolet afgane

    Harry Dent is a smart guy but he has been wrong since 2012 when he called for a Global Reset as well as his prediction that Gold will fall to $450.00 and a lot of people Missed the stock market rally because of him

  12. Natural Man

    What's wrong with real free market price discovery and the resulting real asset prices? Answer: No free asset inflation money for the owners of Wall Street and the Fed. They love that money for doing absolutely nothing.

  13. ralow702

    China is revolting.

  14. m R

    China, they have to change? How about they need to stop doing things like harvesting organs from political prisoners? The very attitude that such a thing is acceptable and justifiable is long standing! This is an attitude that is embedded in the culture- cruel and inhumane.

  15. Donalbain C

    If you want a reveloution anywhere, you need to be on the ground leading. Not armchair qutarbacking from the safety of YouTube. HD sounds like the biggest idiot.

  16. Willam Mulhearn

    Oh , Harry , Harry , Harry. I hope you're right this time, 33k Dow sounds great…

  17. Agrigator

    Only dumb money would short a QE to infinity backed market.

  18. James Lee

    So in the US. So corrupted in the government and in corporations. A lot of BS from Herry Dent

  19. Peter Wilson

    China has had an amazing revolution…so far

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