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  1. Al Jazeera English

    Thanks for watching everyone. Please tell us what you thought in the comments below.

  2. Ted Aspane

    The anchor woman said that there are 11 million Uighurs in China, and there are 1 millions in detention, but the woman guest stated that the entire Uighurs are amputated from the body, what happens to other 10 million Uighurs who are not in detention? Can you call this an ethnic cleansing of 1 out of 11?


    This is not about religion anymore it is all about humanity.

  4. Abdullah Kurdi

    May Allah guide the chinese people to Islam and give the uighurs freedom.

  5. 日穿钢板

    Why? because pompeo lies all the time…

  6. manisha ra

    They love hui Muslim bcoz they are Chinese and hate Uighurs coz they are from turkey…. Why double standard

  7. Choum Snyder

    Muslims and China they both two of kind the same in compilation try to take the world over just leave ours freedom alone 🤭😱😰

  8. Manzoor Hekmatyar

    shame on Pakistan. Disgusting people

  9. Kabir RAM

    That day is not for away when world will be completely silent on top ten economically power full nation like China.

  10. Bibiána Šupinská

    Well done china! 😊 no need for imaginary friends and their chaos in this world 😄 extreme cases lead to extreme solutions, otherwise the destruction of system will occur

  11. David Jhone

    algazra voice of innocent

  12. David Jhone

    also raise voice for Indian occupied bleeding Kashmir

  13. Francis Lim

    Many Muslims Countries saw the results of China’s educational programs and training skills,language,understanding and anti extremism,Uighur are now enjoying higher standards of livings,jobs and businesses opportunities arising from Xinjiang stability,Government assistant in agricultural and tourism industries,no Muslims likes to support violence and terrorism,they like to have good futures and happiness.

  14. Abdul K Khan

    Real Muslim nations should declare war on China and an economic embargo on China.
    Don't do business with China. Muslims all over the need to take responsibility in dealing with China. Tibet and Uighers area are stolen areas by the greedy imperialist Chinese. Get help from Japan – The Japanese need to build up its military. Pakistanis are TRAITORS to Islam..You don't do business with enemies of Islam. Send the Taliban into China and Al Qaeda needs to blow up the great wall. The Al Qaeda and Taliban should go war with the communists who are the enemies of God and freedom both. Bomb Beijing with atomic bombs. Don't be like America the coward

  15. I love Hasem for ever

    Uygurs they want independents , they have to forget that , they have to work China and love the unity and keep to islam like Huie , uygurs keep islam not as a religion they use islam for nasyonalis

  16. Jack Teerawat

    God in the Torah and the Bible 🔯➕ bless China 🇨🇳.

  17. Khalifa Khaleesi

    Ohh…I see!!!

  18. Issie Oyta

    There is only one true Umma as described in the Glorious Qur'an. And according to the Qur'an the total of true believers make up the true Umma who believe in One God, His chosen Prophets and His Words only. So anyone who believes outside of this criteria and no matter what calls himself/herself as Muslim, Christian, Sunni, Shii, Catholic, Jehova, or whatever name are definitely not believers as they should be again according to the Glorious Qur'an. As to the problem of so-called Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang, China I should say that the Chinese Government knows exactly how to deal with true Muslims and false Muslims or believers. The rest is game of politics and thrones which also planned by Allah. Allah knows how to punish the Idolaters by hands of another Idolaters. So take what you wanted?!

  19. Noah Clark

    No, they haven’t abandoned the Uighurs, they abandoned the lying of your west media

  20. Saaduddin Ansari

    Muslim nations that are in Debt should give up their Land to Neighboring Muslim Nations, This way we can Unite our community and become a One Nation of Islam..

    Destroy the Walls..

  21. Saaduddin Ansari

    What's wrong with Muslim Leaders?

    Are they really Muslim?

  22. Vesselin Nikov

    Bravo China! Keep fighting the extremists. No one can interfere with your internal affairs.

  23. Bad Baby

    Islamic unity.HHAHAHAHAH

  24. mini betee

    Good job AI Jazeera English. You just successed get more NON-MUSILM Chinese people hate musilm more and you guy don't worry about musilm get killed in US. So tell me about how much CIA paid you to do that ?? May be a good deal.

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