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  1. 43.2M

    Only 22 mins? Wtf man

  2. AS

    If you haven't watched Homecoming on Netflix, you must watch his special!!

  3. june summer

    Only first Generation and Muslims will understand Hassan’s Jokes

  4. G Fears

    A lot of his jokes went over their heads lol. Bro is super funny and super intelligent.

  5. btchnotme

    Definitely should have been a full hour.

  6. Female Doggy

    Crazy how when someone else speaks real shit and ALSO keeps it entertaining they don’t blow up. Just cause these topics ain’t directly about them smh

  7. Mayra Z

    Hasan is the best!!! Intelligent & hilarious.

  8. Tiara Rodriguez

    Hello Hassan I'm a big fan of you're show

  9. C B

    Hasan is great. He is helping to get necessary messages out while being down to earth.

  10. Ahmed Ali

    He’s always smiling, I love his positive energy

  11. Nori Bu

    Dj Envy: Tell the people what being a Muslim is..

  12. Vocally Gifted

    I’ve loved him since forever & his family is so cute as well!!☝🏽

  13. Obey Amma

    they need to learn how to pronounce his name smh

  14. Dartel Zenith Jorgensen

    Could have said his name correctly…

  15. Chris S

    Student loans didn’t bother me. I’m fine with my terms.

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