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  1. lil Zoose

    Kinda hard. lots of people were sick today at school coughing sneezing lol

  2. AUDI B5S4

    Yeah I know no flu shots for me and my family I don't believe in that all they're doing is pumping s*** into your body that they don't even know what they're pumping in your body has chemicals haven't even been completely 100% tested and they're just pumping this s*** into your body I'm 36 years old I very rarely get sick it's because I wash my hands all the time I drink fluids and eat the right food that's what will make you not get sick not getting shots for supposedly some BS that they're just pump it into your body eat healthy drink a lot of fluid and wash your hands constantly and you'll never get sick and you'll never need any of these shots plain and simple

  3. Al Prazzollam

    I Don't Need No Doctor!

  4. Doug D

    "Can we get a list of what is in the flu shot"?.. Sheep nurse says: "Um No" Ok, no thanks.

  5. Frank 001


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