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  1. Chananthea Baker

    Sewage overflowing in the street among others things renders closure of the facility. Read up the Public Health Food handling regulations under the Public Health Act.

  2. Newman Maya

    Kern why u wicked and lie so

  3. kimberly Lewis

    Oh well….it is wat it is. The public's health safety is very important. I commend the Health Inspectors on doing their job. They need to continue doing more public checks especially in the supermarkets, Chineyman wholesale etc
    Hopefully the people of Santa Cruz can have access soon to their KFC

  4. VoL 40 Musiq

    Long time them fi find it out…them boy yah mash up my belly wha day

  5. gaza icush freedom

    All a dem fi close from u eat meat u mus sick especially dem lob chicken full a hormone an disease an poison sodas

  6. Dareal Yute

    How health inspector close down KFC and dem nah close down the stinking supermarket dem that the Chinese are operating? Is the Chinese dem UNTOUCHABLE?

  7. Natty B

    I'm not surprised! I'd lock down the one in Fairview next.

  8. Spike

    I hope when they reopen after becoming sanitized they're workers will be reformed also. Some of them can be quite unprofessional!

  9. J bless

    Hi bowy go learn if cook

  10. Ladii poyser ladii

    A weh d bungo nungo jungo a gwaan inna me place😮😮

  11. Allaine Williams

    fuking nasty

  12. Allaine Williams

    the blood clatt workers them fi get 40 years each behind. bars and the.supervisor and manager and the owner fi get life the mothers wey in a ochi wa rass lock down to

  13. 90s DancehallKid

    Dem find out weh di bwoy put inna di chicken

  14. Japs Bgdancer

    Worst thing about this video is, that people are still waiting outside. If the health inspector close it something is simply wrong. Smh

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