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  1. Justmemyownself

    Where are you getting the $4,000 from?

  2. Jo C.

    What happens when a doctor does not accept your insurance plan????? Because they feel they aren't reimbursed enough I believe.

  3. wiener dogs rule

    1:22 I would kill for a health plan that good

  4. Joshua Gibilisco

    GREAT VIDEO, I have been watching a few of these today, and yours was the best yet. Thanks!

  5. Morgra

    Easy to understand. Thank you!

  6. Reese Smith


  7. Debra Jensen

    Great video for those new to insurance.

  8. Giuliana and her life As a Lee

    the best explanation ive seen yet! thanks

  9. Yvonne Kiogora

    very easy to understand

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