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  1. The Toltec

    The Cuisinart Ice cream machines look the best

  2. The Toltec

    I hate Subway 9 grain bread

  3. The Toltec

    2012 was really about 2 things… One positive and one negative… Humans level of awareness is raised because of our procession into the galactic photon belt… Photo means light.. So thermal bodies or bodies in fire get a boost to thier luminosity ..the ability to gather and process more information …. And 2nd aspect is the Mayan jaguar priests insidious "nightscriprt"…which is designed to dumb humans down analytically… So we become more intelligent but less deductive….. We become more like enhanced intelligent predators… And that's where we are at

  4. The Toltec

    You know there is a mountain in the Himalayas called Machapuchare.. And the Tibetans say that the most generic term for a Tibetan is Indian… Isn't that interesting that it's so similar to machu piccu

  5. The Toltec

    I interviewed Dr. Thoma Freeman, he just turned 100, and has the Freeman College named after him at Texas Southern University, where he has been for over 70 years. He is the person who trained Denzel Washington for the movie "The Great Debaters"..after we wrapped up the interview and some convo I asked did he think he could outdebate me…. And he said I doubt it…

  6. Renita Lake

    I never thought that Gatorade was a healthy food. 🤔

  7. Saman Jan

    Chia seeds has lots of side effects, so make sure u can tolerate it before taking it .

  8. szumsia

    I eat organic food for more than 7 years now…
    vegetarian for 2 years now…I do not drink milk for 6 years but I still eat some cheese and only in a summer time I have an ice cream once a week…
    I do not use agave sirup but I did not know that is so bad for your health…

  9. Mai Mohamed

    Thank you so much✨👌

  10. Danielle LeClair

    My biggest insight is how bullshit this all is; people don't need to change their diet, they need to heal their wounds…

  11. Johanna’s Skin Care

    Thank you beautiful ladies! 🙏😀 GREAT information.

  12. CulinaryGuide

    Love this! The almond milk was a revelation.

  13. SayconTalks

    Wooooo this is awesome! I tried some cashew yogurt recently and it was amazing, I wonder if it is okay?

  14. Enforcer

    Sorry Marie, you got blown out on this leg and thigh contest!

  15. SOS-Free Vegan

    What is her website? What is the correct spelling of her name?

  16. Dhanashree Agarwal

    loved the discussion. the one thing i will always do now is check the ingredients on the packaged foods i buy! and make sure they are good for me and dont have harmful substances or chemicals in them.

  17. Heidi S

    I like this. (And what I noticed is that you are both here doing your good thing, not perfect; but even with naysayers, you are making a positive difference & inspiring as best you know how.. and helping bring out the good in others & the world, and connecting us.. Thank you!)

  18. Thanh Le

    thank you so so much for doing this Marie and Vani !!!

  19. Pacino718


  20. nancysrios

    Both women look great!

  21. George Stepien


  22. Felicia Harper

    This video was AMazing ! I definitely realized how blind I am to believing ads! I need to be more investigative about my food.

  23. eric5906

    Enjoyed her beautiful legs.

  24. Paul A

    Some fantastic, sexy legs on display.

  25. Eva Lovasco

    Crap. Didn't think to check who owns Truvia :/ Thanks for the warning!

  26. gloriamariadc

    Love FoodBabe! Along w/ Marie is double awesome in same room. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  27. last first

    Holy fuck these people are stupid. Whole grains are one of the healthiest sources of nutrition your body can absorb. For them to say that whole wheat bread is unhealthy is just fucking absurd.

    How can anyone be so uninformed as this??

  28. little honey girl

    hi marie, I am in a long term relatiionship and I always speak about breakup though I do not want to!, whenever i get a problem. i don't know the reason for that and I wanted to qiet saying it and certain harmful words

  29. Tony Rubaszewski

    what do you do when you do not like coconut

  30. Legendary asf

    who cares if that bitch in the yellow dress don't know about food she has some nice legs

  31. Annika Hintsala

    I think that there is gonna be time when you can't eat anything anymore 😀

  32. Harriet

    Did she really say palm sugar is dried sap off the tree? So much confidence without doing the proper research.

  33. Dave Stan

    I think by watching this my IQ just dropped!
    PS what's with the fake southern accent thing Marie does? Is she trying to be cool or funny or is that just an american plastic woman thing?

  34. neoendofday

    Hi Food babe…You mention about electrolyte, sea salt+baking soda to made body less acidic. But according to Dr. Berg (search youtube) we should made our body acidic not alkaline. Which part of body you mention here?

  35. K

    is it just me or do I hear a lot of I I I this I that… me me me…

  36. LGBT Equality

    Thank you Marie, I so appreciate all that you do.

  37. LOTLoversofTruth

    Community gardens and farmers markets!

  38. loveonlyplease

    spelt flour is great!

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