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  1. Liya Manuel

    Does Harry go to the same sixth form that you did?

  2. Its Emma

    lol well done for managing to film in the gym- must of been a bit awkward 😅😅

  3. emlovesmolly _

    I loved this so much❤️ I hope you’re having the best time!!🥰

  4. Grace Lupson-Darnell

    Where’s that striped jumper from😍

  5. Tanielle Powell

    this is the perfect workout, thank you sooo much! Your body is looking so amazing btw! I'm a fairly small youtuber as well and on my fitness journey! If you ever get the chance, I would looove if you checked out one of my videos if you have time! 😘

  6. Joel McKenna

    If you’re only doing sit ups out of all the core exercises I showed you, me and you will need to be having words

  7. Rosie


  8. Dragon Fly

    i thought first you said ''its cold as f*ck'' lmao. People do fasted workouts to lose weight as it burns your fat reserves if you haven't eaten.

  9. Amy lecho

    Do you go to gym everyday??

  10. Ella Cohen

    hope ur having an amazing time!! xx

  11. BlueSkies

    Does your mum not work?

  12. Ashlea Nicole

    Russian Twists, Hip Thrusts are the exercises on the floor 🙂 x

  13. Miss Shades Of Cool

    Hope you’re having a good time in Australia 🇦🇺

  14. Layla Online x

    so excited to watch! hope Australia is great xx

  15. Elle Murphy

    The first exercise on the mat was Russian twist and the second exercise was glute bridges/hip thrusts

  16. enchantedtaylorswiftlover 13

    hope you're having the best time in aus!! ily 💗💗 xx

  17. _mollyxliv x

    hope you’re having the best timeee!! so excited to watch later 🙂 ❤️

  18. Jessie Fitz

    Love this style of video! Been so excited for this, a week of no beauty spectrum is hard!

  19. Robyn X

    The first exercise you did with the weight is called Russian twists and the second is hip thrusts 🙂

  20. H L

    LOVEEEEE 💖💖💖💖💖

  21. Beth Rees

    Watching this with a tub of ben & jerry's rip

  22. Jessica Reaves

    Love this video ❤️💓 and you are so pretty

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