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  1. Joe Delaney

    Yesss the people! After some requests in the comments of the last meal prep video, I decided to do a breakfast version. Anything you don't catch on the screen (cost, macros, calories, amounts etc) is fully details in the video description above. Appreciate all you dudes tagging me in your meal prep on Insta stories too – it's cool to see! Should definitely have bought some shares in Aldi before doing that video but you win some you lose some. Hope you enjoy the video and get something useful from it anyway. As ever, slam any questions in the comments for me. Thanks people <3

  2. Grey.Fox

    "stick a fucking benuo in it for all I care" brilliant 😂. Just say it as it is, none of this prepped speech crap. Subbed, keep it up 👍🤙.

  3. aidas adomonis

    muffins is healhty ? since when ?

  4. John Kimsul

    Calculator in radian mode??!!

  5. Lance Gumbi

    Cant beat the commentary 👊🏾

  6. Jaideep Mullick

    what watch are you wearing? so sick

  7. Alius Karalius

    HI, why u are vegan sorry? for animals or for health benefits?

  8. James

    Lol "like my shit, subscribe to my shit." love it!

  9. Dan M

    Low fat? Definitely a BASIC version my guy.

  10. ata aminfar

    I liked your shit 😀

  11. YT ACC

    So fucking cheap in the UK :O where i'm from a 1L almond unsweetened is close to 4£

  12. tesil123

    Do some grappling suff again!

  13. modern studies

    I want nothing to do with your shit
    But the videos are decent

  14. Maximilian Lubba

    you wrote calories instead of kcal(kilocalories) wich it actual is the rest is fine

  15. Ijaz Fauzi

    Do u leave the oats cold? And will it work with Quakers oats?

  16. Alvin O

    Dude, wicked video. You're egg proportioning and folding skills are top notch.

  17. tedfaun

    This is genius. Thanks!

  18. Scott Mc

    Is there a go-fund-me that we can contribute to to get you a toaster?! Because, I kinda feel like you deserve it! Great video as always.

  19. tau zena

    I love how you sometimes can't come up with a word

  20. Line

    Awesome. Just got into fitness myself and this is very helpful. Love your personality.

  21. sm1 hhh

    Rayte rayte rayte

  22. Alzbeta Ze

    Joe, you are hilarious! Thank you for a great video and the best voice over EVER!

  23. DeviIzx

    that's a good McMuffin

  24. Eduardo Paganotto

    Awesome content brother! Keep it up!

  25. Luis Miranda Nassi

    You should learn how to read.

  26. Ricky Singh

    Defrost the muffins in the microwave or take them out and put them in the fridge the night before ?

  27. Nex Carter

    Turkey bacon is likely to be so much more healthier especially since Pigs eat dead animals, their own weak babies, and are like hoovers to get rid of rubbish their job is to eat crap to clean up the earth like Shell fish are hoovers for the sea which eat dead rotting fish that fall to the bottom of the sea, thats why even the Bible says their filthy and bad for you

  28. Nex Carter

    Not being funny but its not hard to pronounce CHIA (CHEEA) like CHIEF (CHEEF) NOT CHY-EF is it..

  29. River Starkie

    Quality this lad👏🏽

  30. Charles Kevin Jader

    I need the Shredz program mates, wasn’t able to download, will be starting to follow it tomorrow

  31. Macey O'Neill

    Clicked on this for a look at a males point view of meal prep and your accent and voice is just so soothing and calming 😅

  32. steven rodriguez


  33. Fabian Roth

    Great vid bro! Just one question: is each meal one breakfast or do you eat the oat pots + muffins each morning?

    For the Oat Pots you can also use hot water and let them rest for about 30 minutes. Lowers the costs aswell.

  34. Jamie The Jones

    Can you use regular milk for the oats? I’ve just been using Greek yogurt and water recently

  35. E T

    Came for the content, stayed for the humor HAHAHAHA

  36. Nocashmoney

    Joe, your video was awesome and useful,meanwhile funny too, It makes my day Lol

  37. Gregory

    you really need to fix your autofocus

  38. Dats Vsv

    Hahahaa well done mate! That was well funny and informative enough. Keep it up 👊

  39. stephen verasammy

    do u still have bread while cutting can i have them just on weekend an fit it in my calories need will i still burn fat .fitness world give bread very bad rap . i also avoid it .

  40. MrKrusten Ⓥ

    Ibizia vid, when?

  41. John

    great video!

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