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  1. XxNicoleforeverxX Nicole pop!

    TWo PhOnEs

  2. la roshe esprai


  3. ItsMabey

    When you realise that literally every friendship you've had except for with your brothers friends has been unhealthy

  4. Ava Le

    0:44 GAY GODS YES

  5. Ginger Ninja

    im a ninja boi

  6. DR MG

    I got this from school

  7. UwU Yuki

    8 cupcakes

  8. UwU Yuki

    And unhealthy relationship is talking to your fish also why do you need 2 phones

  9. ´ peachiitea

    Poll: Are you in a romantic relationship?

  10. Macey Tarena

    I'm in an unhealthy romantic relationship. I never feel important and I'm always the last to speak. They don't care about how I feel only themselves but I love them so much and I don't know what you do. This video helped me understand how I feel. Thank you

  11. Tom Hom

    Real friends insult each other

  12. Leonora Knezevic

    Im bi

  13. No Fluff

    my name is Kaysi

  14. Alex Ponde de Rocha

    0:49 Look this naughty face

  15. Hi, I exsist.

    I don’t wanna be pressured into things sexually! Now I’m definitely not having relationships.

  16. 856 ENT.

    What a loser

  17. [GD] IceBreaker

    If your in ms hecks class your gay

  18. Kymra Mercer

    Wow Casey i cANt BeLIeVe YoU

  19. Anna kendrick is awesome

    I only have 1 friend and I just realized that she does everything a good friend shouldn't do and dosen't do anything a good friend should do. That's sad af… but I can't tell her coz she might leave me alone or gets angry and I dont want that.. I'm also scared that the school bullies will pick on me again then.
    . .Why am I writing this?

  20. Sophie Glenn

    First sign of insanity: talking to your goldfish

  21. K-Music Trash

    Your videos are really fun to watch

  22. Jenipher achieng

    hi to all teens watching in 2019

  23. DerpPotato Kat

    I have no friends so I don't gotta deal with them

  24. Colleen

    wow they really displayed the 2 twelve year old girls together as they elaborated on friendships turning romantic…good job youre great role models…this was my 1st & last visit to your channel
    you couldntve at least made them adults noooo they had to be prepubescent

  25. andre

    Hi there! I just wanted the creators of this channel to know that I really appreciate you including an LGBT+ relationship in this video. I live in a homophobic state and the LGBT+ community is completely ignored and never mentioned, so when it was it felt like everyone in the room was finally being exposed to a more diverse crowd without it being a huge deal. Thx alot!

  26. Vintage and Caramel

    I have a crush on a friend that is female and in 8th grade. I'm in 7th grade and female… I currently found out that I am lesbian… I don't want them to disown me. My parents thought I wasn't listening when on a show a gay person was on. They talked to each other during commercial and said "Yah know, I don't mind gay people, but I'm happy the kids aren't one of them…" and then my father said, "Yeah, if (my older brother) or (me) were gay, I'd probably be disappointed… I mean, there would be nothing we can do…"

  27. Derpy Unicorn

    well… I already new it was a toxic friend

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