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  1. Tracey Malone

    My mouth is watering thank you for this recipe I'll be making this tomorrow!

  2. Frankie Jacob

    I have tried using numerous weight reduction plans already but none of them gave me the outcomes just like I obtained using this “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) process. I do not really feel jittery or feel a crash, I’m also not as hungry as I used to. I’ve lost about 15 lbs since using this product. .

  3. Fallenfury6

    20 chicken soldiers 😂

  4. Taylor H

    Stop trying dude. You’re not funny. But good food though.

  5. Dana B

    How did I miss this one? I love Moroccan flavors.

  6. Karissa Stasinos

    I will make this but this guy is cringey

  7. Edith Baldassarre


  8. Giovanni Rondon

    Dude, awesome recipe and great energy. My wife is gonna love this !

  9. approsa

    So nice, love ur recipees… but Morocco is not in middle east, it's in Africa 😉

  10. Lorraine Ferguson

    i love what you do!! thank you. 
    I am confused about the low fat conversation because if you know ketogenic diet is high fat and people loose lots of weight on this program. its not about calories in calories out its about hormones. insulin is a fat storing hormone so keeping insulin low will help people loose weight.

  11. Hope Stevenson

    Please do college meal prep ideas!!

  12. hwan2

    Wow … this guy hahaha

  13. hiba shouman

    I love how you say Kafta😂 and you are so right those spices are a mediterranean middle eastern thing, and we use them in Lebanon😍 i just found your channel and i love the recipes you made! Thank you so much😍 All the love from Lebanon😍❤

  14. Avindra Sookram

    I'm currently scouting many channels for healthy food I'm a picky eater but im must say alot of your recipes are making it on my list

  15. Mimi Gebrestadik

    I just sub. i love all your video thanks for upload

  16. Betsy Howard

    Oooooooo 😍😍😍😍

  17. Abdurrahman Alkhaldi

    Great videos, is it possible to also get how many grams for use in your mealprep vids?

  18. Taylor Robinson

    this looks so good….

  19. Roberta Smith

    Still can't find the Recipe.

  20. Hinata Tobio

    Hi bobby! I just encountered your channel and could you do a weight loss meal prep without an oven?

  21. Ubeauty 01

    This looks mouth watering ! I can not wait to try !

  22. Sharlene Cassius

    45 seconds in and I'm already weak.

  23. Amy Little

    Love your KETO recipes!!! You're awesome!

  24. Ikram Kai

    Moroccan here 😂😂😂 love this! I’m gonna try all these meals for my weight loss challenge!!! Can’t wait thanks for this YO!

  25. Lisa Dilliot

    Looks fabulous! I just got a glass top electric stove. I found that I am not suppose use my cast iron pans on it 🙁. Will I get the same kind of effect with a regular fry pan?

  26. LostPrepper Lee

    Thanks Bobby for all the recipes you come up with and share. When you started this one my mouth started to water all the ingredients looked so good BUT when you started cooking the Keftas I went to store to get the ingredients and they are every bit as good tasting as they are looking. Thanks so much and can you please do lunches, they are my hardest thing to come up with.

  27. Yenifher Maldonado

    Hi Bobby, can you please make a meal prep for bariatric patients who have had a gastric bypass pleaseee. Am tired of eating the same bland things

  28. Will Mintzer

    i been hopping around your meal prep videos for the past couple months and i love it. this one's awesome: the chicken is delicious, the veggies are great, but what i can't get enough of is that damn tahini sauce!

  29. Kenneth Cheok

    Bobby what about the microphone zester? I want that!

  30. Luis Manzo

    Do you have any weight gaining meals ?

  31. Amanda Johnson Journey


  32. Kiersten79


  33. Mega Body

    I am a lover of a healthy life I loved the recipes!

  34. Tracey

    lol @ microphone rendition

  35. Michael Lumpkin

    Bobby you absolutely hit this one out of the Park! I'm in a flava COMA :0) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…

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