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  1. Studio C

    What kind of compilation video should we do next??

  2. Merry Chrysmas

    Years of watchibg Dora the explorer came in handy for one of the skits….

  3. Xdabrix


  4. Nova Ellamon

    Cute nurse in a leather jacket!? You can save me anytime!!!

  5. Starry Gacha


  6. Bean Loves Loki

    I love how the school of fashion sketch is in the medical sketches compilation 😂

  7. Yan Shyla

    *compilation about doctors
    starts in a restaurant


  8. GalaxyPhoenix YT

    37:4838:01 is like from the pregnancy to the future 😀

  9. Elly Mcmillan

    Uhhhh kill them Matt you’re heartless

  10. Red Panda

    Im having a baby
    That's for medicine to decide….Fatty

  11. Uchiha Itachi

    19:30 me

  12. Mikael Jalamo

    "I am a nurse"
    There, i quoted something from the video we all watched so now you are oblicated to give me likes. for no reason whatsoever.
    Atleast thats how it goes if you look at the comment section here.

  13. Jess ¿

    Who's on second? Who…..😂

  14. Mary Zehr

    My favorite line of Matt Meese is… "THIS IS MY ARM! Notice how I'm able to hold it an entire arms-length AWAY… FROM MY BODY! This is an undesirable quality! I insist that you focus on finding me medical care."
    "Guys, if I don't make it, I just want you both to know… that I hate you."

  15. Mike Chatman

    NRs know a lot more then docs truthfully.

  16. kenny wagoner

    Learn how to do the Himlec (I probably didn't spell that)
    Also respect nurses!
    They are amazing, and do a bunch a work and there are really amazing :3

  17. DeRpYhOoVeSrUlEs 121405

    OMIGOSH this is so dang funny yet so confusing and the fact that all of their names are clues is brilliant I say absolutely brilliant

  18. shawn bla

    I am here for the rabbit 😊❤️

  19. MetalGamer67

    I am Reeebs

  20. Haunted Asylum

    A good panter about our abysmal healthcare system. It's why there are haunted asylums.

  21. Matias Martino

    Pero no soy doctor, soy luchador!

  22. Cynthia Bonsignore

    The last three times I saw heimlich performed in the medical system they were all done by CNAs and I was one of them


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    Wake up
    Go to school
    Come home
    Do homework
    Watch Studio C while eating croutons
    Have dinner
    Watch more Studio C

  24. Oddity

    21:45 I swear, Matt is smiling at this news.

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