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  1. John Powers

    Difficult watching an overweight person talk about gut bacteria and farting. Gave it 5 minutes but then had to move on.

  2. Clive Worth

    I have started to drink a Yogurt drink as a probiotic is that good or not.

  3. Anand Ramanathan

    Excellent. Thank you very much

  4. Dominic Lee

    7:42 what's wrong with second hand blender?

  5. Class Act Racing

    Eating for fuel and not pleasure.

  6. 2ossy

    I cant make flammable gas 😫

  7. monsimix

    50.001 views nice

  8. Francesca Latawiec

    why are you over weight then?

  9. Arthur Kirk

    Wowza! Beautiful presentation. Take away is less take away. Eat more whole foods, get regular exercise, good sleep and enough water.

  10. Joyce Robins


  11. J Merlo

    It seems that the state of the art has not changed much since those similar videos uplifted in 2006-8, except perhaps for the numbers. Ah well, scientists do not seem to pay much attention to numbers anyway.  Sheena is a nice looking girl though. I like red heads from Manchester… they remind me of the good old days as a student at the Lanchester Polytechnic of Coventry.

  12. Hair Razor Detox

    Doesn’t know difference of high colonics and anima .

  13. creative solutions

    There was a man who ate nothing but potatoes as a resistant starch diet. His gut microbiome was more diverse from eating just one food than eating many different foods

  14. holly Stevia

    Get Rid of Beef , Pork and Dairy and you will feel a huge difference for the better ! Youll see it too 🌟

  15. J Merlo

    It worries me that every time I hear a "scientist" informing about the number of cells in the body, they give different numbers:
    27 Trillion, "38 Trillion", 70 Trillion, 82 Trillion and even 100 Trillion!  How can each scientist be so astronomically wrong? 
    In addition, although these famous scientists generally agree in the 10% figure, they never mention the size of the cells. Therefore the question remains whether it is a 10% of the volume of the human body, as they lead us to believe, or, weather it is only a 10% of the number of cells. Considering that cells sizes can also vary astronomically, all the above leaves us with a surprising disappointment about the seriousness of scientists. 
    Furthermore,  we also hear that "Water" constitutes 90 to 99 percent of the volume of the human body and that water molecules are much smaller than organic cells. Therefore we can infer that water-molecules are not considered in the body-cells count.
    In short, either I am going demented, or, these famous scientists are more confused than a fish trying to swim in the middle of the desert.

  16. Nixon Chan

    Love the information, thanks. Lovely Edinburgh accent:)

  17. juan monge

    Enemas and colonics are necessary to remove impacted feces from body. Antibiotics and aspartame will kill all your gut bacteria. It may take two years to repopulate intestine.

  18. Anand Ramanathan

    Very informative. Thank you very much

  19. Y J

    title is misleading; you only talked about what to eat for like 20 seconds…

  20. Valentina Acevedo

    I wouldn’t recommend any animal products for a healthy microbiome

  21. Natural Powers

    After going vegan, I havent caught a single cold or flu, cured my own allergies, anxiety, carpal tunnel, eczema, and my poo smells like food!

  22. MrLeooreo

    3 dislikes truth. Hmm? Docs

  23. Llwyd Morgan

    hi there, i’m planning to do a DIY FMT using capsules (& my fathers poop) but, i can’t find any information on how much of my fathers stool i should use.. can you shed some light on this for me please.

  24. allison ross

    Very enjoyable talk Sheena, it is a must we show this at good old THS.

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