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  1. Stacierana

    your cats are tryna get that salmon 😂

  2. Lauren Fleener

    Needed this!!! ❤🖤🧡 more than you'll ever know.
    My boyfriend and I are going through a very hard time and we both aren't eating at all. It's hard to have an appetite. These just inspired me to cook again and be healthy. Thanks Molly

  3. Sophia Mauricio

    Omg all of these meals look so yummy ! They are all so pretty too 😍

  4. TheStilinski24

    Dang this meal prep is bomb I would make all of this

  5. juliezeneth

    yum 😋💕

  6. Luxxrose Co

    Love this! I went get my shredder to start my meals bc I need to start prepping for 2020 https://shoppehop.com/collections/home-goods-kitchen/products/mandoline-slicer-cutter-chopper-and-grater-43613

  7. nobodycares

    Where did your get the containers?

  8. Krystal Cheena

    Omg some of your groceries are super cheap. I'm a little shook lol dairy free yogurt is minimum 5 bucks here lol and that's a steal. 😂

  9. Jessica King

    Loved this! Peep the kitty eyeing that fish lol! Thanks for the video!!

  10. Lilliums

    omg that pasta looks so good 😀 molly do you have any videos explaining how many cals to eat to lose weight? im like really lost lol

  11. Samantha Castaneda

    all look soo good for sure trying 💓 would love to see more

  12. Kate Elise

    Yum! This looks so good 😍 definitely inspiring me 👌🏼
    Any other small youtubers out there want to support each other? I post health & lifestyle videos 💕

  13. Mary Mendoza Fitness

    So excited for all this content I lovvveee it 💕🙏🏼

  14. Jazmin Erickson

    Try dill on your salmon before you bake it. I use dried dill and it's so good on salmon. Love the meal ideas😁

  15. Brooke Blumling


  16. brooke elizabeth

    i bought reusable mesh bags on amazon for fruits and veggies! instead of using those plastic ones!! you should totally get them too 🙂

  17. Kadian Blake

    I make those power bowls 🍲 all the time yours looks good 😋

  18. Jackiie Sanchez

    Love this ! Make more ! 💕😊

  19. Star Love

    I think every single one of these looks sooo good! I love the shrimp one and maybe I’ll try it for dinner one night!!

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