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  1. Kaushar Rafida

    This is the best video i could find on how to survive night shifts. The best tip was not to consume statistics on how bad night shifts are for your health. Being positive and not worrying about what may happen to you is the key. There are a lot of people in world working in night shifts. Just love your work, do whatever you can to keep yourself healthy and happy. 😊

  2. Smack a Vision

    Valerian root 👍

  3. Angela Guerrero

    I'm in nightshift for 7 weeks now, from 6pm to 6 am, and I'm now a lil bit conscious about my health. I always get dizzy and some times I have a trouble in breathing.

  4. Cruz R

    1 zquil pill

  5. Fawn Whisperer

    Thank you so much! I did fulltime night shifts for 3 years (9pm-5am, Mon-Fri) and now work a job where I have rotating shifts (5 weeks of dayshifts, 2 weeks of nights) and I've found it SO hard to find resources, tips and ideas for shift workers. So often all you find is "DID YOU KNOW NIGHT SHIFTS CAN KILL YOU" lol. That's nice… SOMEONE has to work those nights! Help them out instead of scaring them. You definitely helped and reassured me a lot! Those 3 years of fulltime nights had a huge impact on my health, and now I'm trying to minimize the impact of the rotating shifts. As a migrant my shift work has helped me start a career in a foreign country in an industry that I would have otherwise never broken into!

  6. Kabita Halder

    Can you share a general meal routine for night shifters. Like the time and items to consume.

  7. Daniel Mawhinney

    Tried to do the yoga pose. *about snapped my legs

  8. Cory Mory

    You are so vibrant! Thanks for the tips. I am now looking forward to getting these night shifts started!

  9. Rob TKO

    I'm most likely leaving my day shift about to start nights at another job, a better company. And pays way more. I wanted day shift but night was all they had. I'm only doing it to get my foot in the door. I gotta admit tho the pay is like ching ching on nights. Plus wknd differential. Il do my best but day shift i will return again. Thx for the tips! 👍

  10. Wise-Woman’s-Tale

    I just want you to know that I did everything exactly what she said and the difference is amazing! I never drag my feet at work, and I don’t drink so much coffee

  11. Skyler Olivia

    Lavender oils for sleep.. I use youngliving and you can put some drops in pill capsules and take them

  12. ilma pinto

    Thanks so much it will help me a lot 🙏🏼❤️xx

  13. Shalom Grace

    Been working night shift for 10 yrs now. I have insomnia so i mght as well use my hours at night working but i really have a hard time sleeping during d days too.

  14. E'L Toro Guapo

    Ty and your cute 😘. I hope your trip work 4 me

  15. CHAN CE

    Very helpful vedio thank you😊

  16. Anthony Gadus

    Beautiful with wisdom

  17. Naled N

    Thanks for all your tips guys. Personally I would say, try by any method, to sleep at least 6.5 better 7 hours of sleep. You will feel good and in shape next night. I did sooo many 4 hours sleep them felt so low. If somebody though has a solution to a better quality sleep?

  18. Иван Михайлов

    After I've heard that some people have been working night shifts for many many years and they are still okay, I'm not scared anymore.

  19. Иван Михайлов

    I cut my working hours, so I have time to do something what I love before going to work. I was depressed, but now I feel so much better.

  20. theodor ja

    Night are best time to work if you get ride of night shift propaganda. Learn to sleep well, exercise, good sex and water is all you want.

  21. Launch MOBs

    You radiate positivity and This is the best night shift tips video I have come across. Thank you!

  22. Alice Compton

    I love this. I'm new nurse and new to night shift. So these tips were really helpful 💙

  23. Lisa Louise Angonese

    I like the extra amount of time I have during the day as I know have to work night shifts five days a week. I work form 9 p m to 6 a m and it is very hard for me because I am 57 years old and have not been used to this sort of schedule. It's a very good company and worth the sacrifice but I see I am not alone in feeling so tired for the first week or so. We just had our two days off we get that after the fifth day so that gives us time to catch up on some sleep. I wish so much I could feel like this is so terrific and have so much energy all night long but it's taking a lot out of mentally and physically. Maybe, it's something one has to get used to. I don't know. That's why I am watching videos and reading many articles to keep me going. Thanks, for the tips. *I am not a nurse by the way. I now work on a Production line for a food company.

  24. alex pratt

    That's a chick thing 😂 Girls like the sound of heart beating idk why but iv had multiple exs tell me they like that sound tv doesn't work for me but YouTube videos do for some reason I sleep with the main light on too idk why also showering before sleeping helps but I been up since 6am gotta work at 12 tonight starting a new job on third it's gonna suck mostly because it's 8pm right now and I'm not gonna be able to sleep at all

  25. alex pratt


  26. Urdnot Wrex

    You don't work nights unless you've worked YEARS of night shift.

    Go home, stay out of the dark. Let us do the real jobs.

  27. Jimmie Parker

    I love 3rd shift….get off at 7am..sleep till 2:30 have the whole day in front of me ….no crowds no hassle no traffic

  28. Laurence Daliva

    Thanks for this!

  29. Volve

    I'm starting full time shift for the summer .super soon
    Damn that mean if I was in Korea I would be up in the day 🤣

  30. Stephyfra 12

    Hot shower before bed then I drink chamomile tea and sometimes read some of my book ☺

  31. Marco Bravo

    What a beautiful nurse. I have always admired people in the medical field.

  32. cbreezay coolit

    whats your instagram

  33. Things To Know

    What about me i work 5 nights a week for almost 4 years now answering call from nurses and doctors in new york and i survive, before going to sleep i go to gym work hard. But i still feel groggy. Maybe because of my salary is not enough.

  34. Liz Keith

    please, fellow nurses, watch the movie VAXXED.

  35. Danny Lee

    17 years night shift Dheeraj Kaushal Facebook page age 34 years.

  36. Иван Михайлов

    I've been working nights for six months 8 p.m.-8 a.m. and I feel exhausted and depressed, I decided never to work at night again, it's very bad for me. And I ask my boss to give me a couple of extra days off, because I'm tired, but he doesn't want. I think I've got to quit. But I want to say that most of jobs suck because of too many work hours, I feel like a slave. We shouldn't work so much.

  37. MC C

    LOL you think you have it figured out .

  38. Jon Freeman

    This helped me alot, night shift was starting to give me bad anxiety but this gave me hope and made me feel much better. Thank you so much!

  39. Lanzo Dubz

    I've working night shift for about 4 years now but it changes. So is like 2weeks day 2 night, but now I find I'm really tired when I'm on day it's like I'm literally dragging my self out of bed it's really getting hard for me now.

  40. Lanzo Dubz

    Thank goodness I thought I was the only one sensitive to sounds and like you I used the fan too.

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