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  1. Caitlin Meehan

    Idk why but you remind me of Nina dobrev 😂

  2. Marina Crasi

    Use promo code MARINACRASI20 for 20% off all Pura Vida items!!!!!

  3. Michelle Ducharme

    My facialist also recommended skinceuticals! Amazing skin care brand

  4. Manijah’s World

    You know that u can use one product that you can get results back with in a week aka (cetaphil)

  5. ღCuteshy _foxღ

    Ik this is stupid but shes doing helthy routines but her name is macdonald 😂ik im stupid 😌

  6. Cc Nicholson

    You should do a 2020 playlist vid! ❤️

  7. Lauren Sum

    Would absolutely love if you did a video of your favorite touristy things to do in Boston for us non-Boston area gals!

  8. Amanda kueck

    You’re absorbing more moisturizer into your hands than your face when apply it like that! Try applying moisturizer with your finger tips 🙂

  9. TacoLoco 5500

    What blender is that?

  10. Stephanie Hart

    I Subscribed 👍 Your positive personality & faithfulness in everything you do is so inspiring! ♥️♥️♥️

  11. Annie & Caroline

    Hey! New channel here, lots of travel vids coming up this month. Check it out! 💗

  12. Mackenzie Craig

    Noticed you were wearing Balenciaga socks, so I, of course, had to look up the price for a pair & theyre $125……. wish I was rich

  13. WasteTheseWords1

    @maggie and everyone!! No skincare routine is complete without spf 😇😇 it’s the number one anti aging product, helps hyperpigmentation, and duh prevents skin cancer

  14. 5Em_

    Mags! You and Emma are constantly buying coffee, or smoothies or whatever, pleasee start using a reusable cup and straw, it may not seem like a lot but it makes a HUGE difference. ily 🙂

  15. E M I L Y R A E

    living my aesthetic dreams!!

  16. Liz Carson

    you should consider changing your skin routine less! your skin will get irritated if you switch up products and break out way easier

  17. Taylor Sferruzza

    where is that white cart from in your closet!! it’s so cute

  18. Sarah Taylor

    i started using skinceuticals recently and they’re products are amazing!! i was struggling with hormonal acne recently and their LHA cleanser has made such a difference in my skin! happy to hear you’re loving them too 🙂

  19. Joana Luana

    I really love your positive energy! Your videos always motivate me hehe 🙂

  20. Alexandra Darreh-shori Katsika

    Maggie ur glowing!! <3 <3 <3

  21. Mary Beth O'Cain

    Where is the some coffee, some gangster rap picture from? I LOVE THAT

  22. Najlae Alouaret

    I love your videos sooo much you r such an inspiration to me to workout and to stay healthy thank u so much ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Jeniffer Smith

    that dark GREEN smoothie.. yum

  24. Portia

    I love your videos maggie but I always find myself skipping through your sponsors because you talk about them for so long in every video. I realise this is probably because you believe in the brand and/or product but idk, it gets tiresome sometimes,

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