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  1. Patricia Reyes

    What kind of dehydration machine you use?

  2. Elah Plus3

    “Temptation”? I wouldn’t call it a temptation I’d call is an instinct! Please people eat some warm cooked food it does your body good. Also why would you boil water to make it hot for tea but not heat up almond milk to make your “hot cacao” recipe? Or why not eat your Brussels sprouts raw? Isn’t that what you promote a “Raw” vegan diet? 🤔

  3. Flo3 Lmm

    Would I to know where can I get your smoothies in Houston I heard it in one you videos

  4. Kirsten Williams

    Those squash florets do look delicious, but if you're dehydrating them for 8 hours won't that end up being worse than cooking? You might as well just cook your food and be done in half an hour with the whole lot.

  5. James Martin

    Have you incorporated breadfruit into your diet? Have any recipes?

  6. Sophie Prana

    Mhhh looks so yummy. Thank you for sharing. How much do you spend per day on food? I feel being vegan is really pricy

  7. Here There Everywhere

    Btw I watched this while eating a cheeseburger

  8. Virginie Castonguay

    Need a dehydrator

  9. Olivia Arslan

    You look amazing Kristina. Thanks for the video🌸

  10. D Author

    Just a quick tip – anyone suffering with MS Lions Mane is really great for you! Check out some healing foods at kungfufuel. Kristina is one of my faves I mention here there too

  11. alexandra krim

    Those rosettes look so beautiful and SO delicious! 🙏🏻💖

  12. Coraline Jones

    Can you make a video talking about why you’ve decided to use salt and oil again?

  13. Miracle Code Healing

    Hi Christina, you’re beautiful. Don’t listen to all of the rude comments. Gods got you ❤️

  14. Gravefri Have

    Hey Kristina 🖐 good to see you, you look so fit 👍 it would be really great, if more people could learn from you and start eating more healthy. Id love to see more veggies in more gardens, and less asphalt and lawns 🥦🌽🥕🥑🍆🌶🍅🥬🍎🍐🍊🍓🍇🍌🍉. More greens on the dish .. All the best 👨🏻‍🌾

  15. Britt Wainio & Chris Leben

    Hey hey 👋, how long should I soak the cashews for in regards to the first recipe ?
    Thank you , I’ve secretly started turning my fiancé into a vegan eater … I started with your Brussel sprouts 🙂

  16. Brandy Nicole

    Kristina, I'm really worried about your health. Please consider changing your diet. We want to see you lively and healthy again. Lots of love ❤

  17. Michelle Marilyn

    You’re looking vibrant! ✨And where do you get your tights from? Need me a pair! 😃

  18. Laura Beaumont

    Gosh these recipes take a lot of thyme ;D

  19. TheCalliopeSky

    THANK YOU, thank you thank you for this video!!! It is the answer to my prayers. Everything looks delicious!!!

  20. Be- Atka

    Kristina you look beautiful, I love your hair 💓✨

  21. Francisca Alexandra

    Love it all 😍🌿

  22. GM4ThePeople

    Four Stigmata Products? Based! o/

  23. Cintya

    She do not look healthy

  24. Melissa Dimitropoulos

    looks like four sigmatic do not ship to Australia?

  25. erika spoerer

    Why did you stop making the spanish videos? I watched all of them!! And I loooooved them!!! Do it again please!!!! 🙂

  26. Ashot Aroian

    Please check my vegan store, we have many unique raw products, such as Topinabur syrup, fruit leathers and wheatgrass https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/E8EE3B29-235F-42AE-9E1C-F8CEB7D9293E?ingress=3&visitId=b598f495-1973-4361-827f-acb2025a2608

  27. Leah Renee

    And, your dog is SO beautiful!!! 😍

  28. Heather Wolfe

    Kristina I love your work out clothes, they look so cute and comfy! Where do you purchase them? Also, thank you for sharing your amazing recipes!

  29. Amit Dhawade

    Hi beutiful Kristina

  30. Lots3say

    Would you consider making recipes for working folks? Those rosettes look great, but they are labor intense to make.

  31. Justine Hietkamp

    This women is in lala land… try eating this when it’s -20C out no thank you… I need a nice hot bowl of soup! Not some cold purée… never being the cold you cannot talk about eating raw in the winter when you never experience it for long periods of time for months and months just got a few week here and there.

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