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  1. Ramesh Kumaran

    Even as a professional in medical field I have faced numerous incidents of discriminations in the workplace. Medical field is plagued with mental health issues, that's for sure.

  2. Ramesh Kumaran

    There is a dearth of Sympathetic attitude towards our pathetic state of mind.
    But then why are other patients living a near normal life and soooo much of sympathetic attitude from the society.

  3. Shane Meagher

    I have struggled with bipolar disorder and anxiety issues badly for the past few years, and through childhood, and love these videos. So happy I found it. I would love to see something about Ketamine Therapy– I did it this past spring and it was life changing for my mental health. Still a lot of work to do, but it helped in immense ways.

  4. denis

    This is what I needed, I am thinking about making Anxiety blog channel and this video motivates me. You will probably hear from me soon. Thanks for making such a channel.

  5. J Pierre

    Just found this thanks to "I am phils bipolar" . Great channel with so many views of mental illness and healing messages. Thanks for reaching out

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