Heart Beats for Music Hack Day MIT

A project of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2012 Music Hacking Day. Last Christmas, I got a running watch that included a heart rate monitor. I noticed the range of human heartbeat and… Click here!Instantly Slow Down Guitar Solos Or Riffs While Still Retaining The Original Pitch. A Perfect Cross Promo For Any Music Learning.

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  1. BrowNation

    Hey. Can I have the source code for this?

  2. Tiny Arrow

    I strangely really like the sped up version

  3. Liam Davis

    Dude, you should know that there's an ITV game show called 1000 heartbeats that uses the same type of tech. Rather than changing the tempo of a song, the song is played live by a quartet as the contestants play the game, making the song faster or slower

  4. Mark Bowyer

    Don't know why this popped up today, but I like it! Ahh I remember. I searched "Call Me Maybe tempo" earlier today as I am mixing a cover version of it! Ahhhha..Sherlock…!
    Anyway…It would be cool if you had a song in your ipod as you jogged and it only played at the correct tempo when you were running. It would just be a little bit of extra inspiration and/or motivation. Nice. 

  5. Kinnik Kinnick

    I'd really like to see someone try this but, instead of forcing heart rate change by cardio, simple dance to the music as is 'natural'.   I'd like to see if the bpm raise, at what rate, and if it levels off or falls when the person gets tired or bored with the song ect….  I may try this project with arduino, adafruit heart sensor and midi shield to send sync clock to music sequencer.  Anyone feel like deving with me?  😀

  6. Nader Soliman

    Hi Ryan,

    This video is great. I'm thinking about doing something like this for my electroacoustics performance. Would you mind sharing the Max program with me over email? Please let me know if you can or not.


  7. DarkAsKnight1

    You should do this with other songs too. I see a lot of potential here for a very popular channel. 

  8. H0LMIUM

    Hi, some friends & I worked on a similar project involving heartbeat generated music: http://youtu.be/1h94Lv4xszg

  9. krystian michalowski

    Now try with Metal or Rock

  10. krystian michalowski

    Now try with Metal or Rock

  11. olierook

    Can you explain how you did the OCR in max/msp? I want to do something simular; using a webcam as input. thanks in advance

  12. Strangely Ironic

    Image Processing and recognition to get the rate from the monitor and then applying it to the algorithm to control tempo. Great stuff, I'm a graphics student and my programming is all self taught on the side but I usually write most of my stuff from scratch in C++/Python for image processing, I'll have to put some time aside to play with MSP.

    Keep up the interesting ideas, mixing some solid technology with humor is always fun.

  13. Kim Bowen Çolakoğlu

    true, it wouldn't be as funny, but I'm also very curious to hear it without the pitch change.

  14. Angeline Yeoh


  15. Semih kekül

    I think the system needs a pid controller for preventing peaks. Because it is hard to stabilize heart beat precisely. On the other hand, this idea rocks dude.

  16. ebenezer

    Dude this was awesome!

  17. jason fifi

    who would want to hear her speed up and slow down without chipmunking?

    good call on making it all tape-like.

  18. Ambisinistro

    please make another one with normal voice. please, I'll subscribe

  19. euge

    you should do gangname style

  20. Emma Richards

    you are the coolest person

  21. EliteSlayer542

    Not fake and gay. You just don't understand how it works.

  22. MsUrbanFox

    This is crazy!

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