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  1. Bear Buster

    Brazil is burning down Amazon rainforest as fast as it can to plant soybeans for China!

  2. William Stall

    China/US had a deal and then the CCP  backed out.

  3. john bolton

    China's spokesman is really showing off his helicopters.
    What the hell, how did he get a hold of the helicopter!!

  4. kvdgadj

    China did not call Trump on tariff war.

  5. T T

    A bully and a liar will do and say anything to make himself looks good

  6. Music Calgary

    "TV and Phones"? Noooooooo. Try shoes, clothes, and other things families need to survive. Nice try expensive suit.

  7. Marek Trochan

    they living China to Vietnam… not to US..

  8. Taegil Lee

    chinese are in deep trouble. they printed money like crazy, now their m2 to gdp is insane. and they bank are holding at 40% bad debts in their system. trump is picking right time to take on chinese.

  9. Henry

    One that is seldom talked about is US companies in China are generating revenue of over $350 billion annually (and with profit generated growing at 11% compounded yearly) selling to the Chinese market, and US service trade surplus with China of $50 billion. Combined greater than the merchandise trade deficit of the US vs China.

    Other Chinese, Asian and European companies are waiting to take over these when the time comes for China to squeeze these two sectors.

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