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  1. Mariusz J

    I think the ending speech was the most important part of that video. The way you work out should be suited to YOU. Don't look at anyone else, your physical self is what you adjust your works out to don't look at Henry or anyone else. It guarantees good progress and serious injury prevention.

  2. Charlie Erwin

    Pronouncing schedule the English way is awesome to hear

  3. Андрій Нагорний

    nerd alert: swords aren't really heavy. an average professional swordsman of the older days wasn't a machine like him.
    but what he said about stopping the sword before it hits numerous times through the day might be exhausting.

    it's all mostly done for the looks, and I must admit, he's probably the most attractive man %)

  4. TIZ012

    If the sword is heavy it isn’t a real sword. He should have rephrased it, and stuck with what he said at the end, which was when u have to do so many reshoots, that’s what gets you tired and makes the sword feel heavy at the end of the day. Almost a perfect non-bullshit video!

  5. Faker6969 Bjersen6969


  6. Second or Third Account

    Yes, ok swords, but I don’t give a shit. How tf do I look like superMANN!

  7. Felhek Lehrian

    We want to see you again as Sup.

  8. Nico van Niekerk

    Did someone with Parkinson's film this?

  9. Ossi Hurme

    They reading from a script?

  10. Kowsik Reigns


  11. MAANZImedia


  12. bunnyfreakz

    Warner Bros just stupid enough to not make another Superman movie.

  13. K Yow

    This is just so much candy

  14. xingmen neigong

    nice to see they are emphasizing good form and muscle activation

  15. Masketta Man

    God hes so handsome

  16. MaestrO Frags

    when u r more huge than ur trainer

  17. satish8299

    in short wow, and so handsome, but i still find he should be back doing superman.

  18. j c

    not a single leg workout was done that day.

  19. Rayray

    Henry Cavill has NO legs

  20. Glenn Zlotowski

    Hes definately not in superman size and cut anymore

  21. David Enriquez

    A real training video, no other stupid videos with "functional" movements that deceive and do not show how good levels of strength and hypertrophy are achieved.

  22. putitinreverse terry

    Geralt ‘The absolute unit’ of Rivia

  23. RedstoneGodLike

    Who else takes super cold showers? Me, Do you?

  24. Avery Cee

    The things I want to do to and with this man.

  25. MrLittleSam

    Omg, I can't with this man. Forgot he has an accent and I can't get over it. The way he says routine and schedule. 😍

  26. uppon2

    From @7:20 – @7:27 makes me want to kill myself

  27. k0uk

    3:15 The name of the exercise is Press pallof

  28. Ishmael

    Good easy to understand workout video. Cavil is built!

  29. MrTryAnotherOne

    5:03 Swords are typically NOT very, very heavy. A bastard sword (one and a half hand) weights about 1.5 kilograms on the average (or less).
    Proof: http://artofswordmaking.com/category/1380-1450

  30. burak esin

    this guy is really superman

  31. Jay N

    #SupermanWorkout #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

  32. Kahless314

    This is my trainer ….he`s smaller than me:)

  33. Sir Cullars

    Cringed when he say "schedule" grrrrr I want to punch him in the face

  34. Alexandru Voicu

    The best actor!

  35. SNNNKY

    Ok. That's sword.

  36. Juda Barriga

    Thanks Supes, and Supes' trainer!

  37. Vidéos Hebdomadaire

    Do you stick a needle before or after each episode ?

  38. Tristan Rhymes

    i don’t do slow negatives or worry about pauses or none of that shit i lift heavy with good form and I look amazing lol

  39. Enzo b

    What's his diet like?

  40. TheBlankFromHeck

    Why is a British guy playing Superman exactly

  41. Calvin Hicks

    Respect as a trainer! And also

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