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  1. susan fraser


  2. family tea and lots of yarn.

    Hi Jemerrill go for some Billy bookcases with extra shelves for shoes opposite the coat closet a shelf per person. Worked like a dream for us though the baskets look greatxx

  3. Emily Thompson

    Yes, please do the cleaning car video! I clean my sedan every 2 weeks as hubby is a shift worker and we have a dog who sheds soo badly she loves going to work with her daddy when hes allowed too. Its so sweet.

  4. Julie Leet


  5. Feed a Tribe

    The good ol’ laundry basket is the best car hack! I use it to bring things in when I clean out my van, too. The other thing it is great for is saving time and energy in bringing bulky Costco groceries in! Xx

  6. Roger Drum

    you are an amazing mama i love to see you clean and cook,,you have inspired me to clean with mrs myers products, they are the best thing ever..and i use method, and other things from grove..i found some micro fiber cloths at the dollar store,,and i love them too…i admire your showing your messes ,,and how you deal with them..thanks.also this post is listed in my husbands name for some reason.haa im debbie …

  7. Enneki

    we had a big clean yesterday and i am so glad other people have same messes! well done momma

  8. mary damara

    Where oh where did you find those baskets your using for shoes ??? I NEED those in my life for children to put away their own laundry ( We are foster parents ) and the size is perfect please let me know I looked online but the sizes always confuse me 🥴

  9. Future Homesteader

    Where did you get the baskets you used in the closet? I could really use a bunch of them for areas all over the house.

  10. Heather !!!

    Love your videos!! Just curious if you guys plan or want more children? I've made a couple of your freezer meals but have scaled them down to my family. We are actually in the process of becoming a foster family, I can't wait.

  11. LeAny

    I admire you how you can get along with all that, you're so cool, and so organized. Amazing, you give me inspiration 🥰🥰

  12. Listen Kristen

    Love this video!

  13. Hannah Kayee

    I only have one daughter who is 5 almost 6. & I spent 3 days doing just her clothes. I donated a ton. Was happy with it. I did her toys my next weekend off. Started by asking her to help, biggest mistake ever, she wanted to keep everything, than I told her other kids need toys too and she was a lot better at getting rid of things! I was a proud mama than! 🙂

  14. Lulu Ga

    You give so much motivation! Thank you

  15. Faika Zawa

    "I appreciate you Rug"💗💗💗💗

  16. Sarah loves you

    I don’t know if you have already done a video on it but you talked about the fruit and veg delivered to you. How do you do that?

  17. kateymateymusic1

    Love the shoe idea! That’s gold! Now I just need a cupboard to store our shoes 😂😂

  18. Hannah Mattox

    I just loved the chickies following you bringing on the snacks 😍 so sweet!


    I would love to see a mega van clean out ! Maybe I could learn some new tricks from you.
    How often do you need to do a deep clean in there??? ( I feel I maybe dont do mine often enough 😊)

  20. Fernanda Osorio Zúñiga


  21. Lea Davis

    There are only 2 ways to clean. The Mount Vernon method where you start at the door and move clockwise, cleaning and tidying as you go around the room. The second is the Mt. Vesuvius method. Empty it, clean it and only put back what you need. Each season, each room may be different so you are doing great Momma! It seems to be a Mt. Vesuvius season at my house too.

  22. Audra Hollis

    you are amazingly unorganized.Use dollar tree bins with names on them..get better homes and gardens hanger..get rid of that wire and plastic mess. Set aside an area for outdoor shoes and coats. This just amazes me you wait until you have such a embarrassing huge mess before you tackle it.

  23. Megan Bourn

    I wouldn’t be surprised if your hens don’t lay until spring. This time of year the days are too short so they don’t have enough sunlight to know to make eggs because in nature they wouldn’t want offspring to have to hatch during the winter.

  24. karbear26

    That’s a cute front door mat!! 8 like to have different holiday ones!

  25. Jennifer Gottschalk

    Thank you Jamerrill you gave me the motivation I needed tonight to tackle the front room closet and a good thing I did I found a gift card in a bunch of things from our wedding I was super excited 😊.

  26. Christina

    Someone recommended keeping a handheld vacuum in large family van. They use it whenever parked & waiting ( like, in school pick up line etc).

  27. Christie Cuevas

    Love your videos Jamerrill!!!!

  28. LiztheBRAVE

    You have a nice voice for radio or podcasts

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