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  1. claude paquet

    China claiming the entire South China Sea for historical reason make no sense. It’s like if the Greek would claim the entire Mediterranean Sea.

  2. Oscar Ukadike

    China is a goat the president is is god he want a war with America and he we regret America we defeat China and always I feel about innocent people we die

  3. Mc B.

    Are they get started, when? Hope it will not happen

  4. Abel Boboli

    Go u.s.a china faildddsssssssssss

  5. i am monkey

    Go USA 💪🔥🔥


  6. Muhammad Randa

    Black gold (oil) near of natuna sea as china claim.

  7. Herysul Sulatan

    America is war thinGking nation. Go back to your own place, and there you spread your super power weapons for any attack

  8. Real life TV

    🏃🏃🏃🏃🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥💥🇺🇸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸 Hurry up l beg TMH to cook you bastards!

  9. Thomas Sterling

    What a joke !! When military lines up their soldiers like toys all in a line like robots, they make great targets !! You can even shoot multiple soldiers with one shot !! All the propaganda marches/videos made by North Korea, China, USSR (in the past history) do this silly propaganda trick !! They aren't performers !! They are toy soldiers about to die for some stupid "Great Leader" or CCP (who really doesn't care about you) !!

  10. Arnel Bernalte

    Tagal ng war poro dal2

  11. Galih Saputra

    Indonesia :'v vs China . Conflict of china claim the 9 dash line :'v ,

  12. aryasoeltan

    Indonesia with the US 🇺🇲
    Fuck China

  13. Youtube Life

    China is greedy

  14. Boon Banrasavong

    China is trying to copy new technology from American,European,Russia's to sell products to cheap labor (poor countries ) African, latin America, poor countries Asia , Middle East or European countries.

  15. Boon Banrasavong

    Since Mr.Trump has been talking with Mr. Kim jung Un chairman of North Korea,Mr. Xi went to talk secretly with Mr.Putin more than 35 times how to holding policy in the South China Sea.

  16. Boon Banrasavong

    Yes, I think China could not make war with U.S. because they known themselves under technology of Americans,now still learning and beginning to conquer the dark side of the moon.



  18. somsack hansom

    China trying to change status quo,China Trying to push US out of Asia Pacific by outpost military.. and expanding to Pacific and Indian Ocean, SCS is very important strategic sealane and rich resources, if china succeeds controlling the SCS china able to control first chain of islands.. and beyond.. War is disaster for every one, all claimants are UNCLOS signatory, so all claimants should complying to international laws..

  19. Ka-Tropa ko

    Go USA, and your allies.. Go southeast asean nation. Fight for your brother.. Philippines 🇵🇭 🇵🇭 love you all..

  20. Jackie Wu

    Don't be ridiculous !!! USA can't fight China. Get the fuck out of Asia where you don't belong . Go home and go to bed . Good night, America. Good morning, China . May the love and the peace of Jesus be with us .

  21. Rick Nelson

    BOYCOTT China an their products 2020

  22. Romulo Espinoza

    Who ready for WW3 I’m not ; ;

  23. monkey slapper

    How much of the sea dose the British, France and the U. S. clame. They tested enough Atomic bombs in the Pacific so nobody can use it anymore. When are they going to clean up the test sites!

  24. Norman Cantrell jr

    We gonna smash China,dumb people don’t know when to quit,piss on China.

  25. Pro. P. A. Gandhi

    I remember what Cassius Clay alias Muhammed Ali said:
    The white man send his black man – to fight the yellow man – to save his land – that he has stolen from the red man !

  26. Muttley 69

    If you read about it the usa cant even enter the scs that is whole reason for the islands

  27. John Onkoba

    Trump is just causing a digital parhabour tora! tora! in a modern way no body is happy about what's happening kindly advisors help both leaders to achieve beneficial goals not war build Africa let's pull together n other poorer countries n see Gods blessings instead of war be blessed

  28. Christopher Bray

    This properganda BS has been going on for over a decade, started with rocket man. The headline says America and China FIGHT WAR in China sea. Then Mr robot mans said COULD America and China FIGHT in China south China sea. Bit of a difference, they been close for years now

  29. Srey Neth

    អាមេរិចប្រកាសអាងយ៉ាងថាលើពភពលោកអាមេរិចអាចធ្វើអីក៏បានអោយតែអាមេរិចចង់ ដូចអំនួតពេកទេដឹងអាមេរិចអើយ មានគេមានអែងផង

  30. Bella asmr

    We are freedom people just bring freedom to people China no Nazi China 😆😅🤣😂😎👏♥️

  31. عمر العريقي


  32. Bruce Dela Cruz

    Chinese is no bull's How To make it up,,there's a lot of people but is no longer a virgin 🇨🇳

  33. 王召君

    Fighting in the south China sea, China will not fear any enemy, Df17 hypersonic missile, Df26 as well as Df21d anti-ship ballistic missile, electromagnetic railgun, will kill the enemy in 10 minutes

  34. Hoppy the Mad Pencil

    Way to start the new year.

  35. Azam Qureshi

    USA should be limited to USA only..The behaviour of USA shows that USA is going to end.. USA should changed its habit of interfering in other continents 👇👇👇👇

  36. Azam Qureshi

    South China sea and Australian land is the official property of China 👇👇👇👇

  37. Azam Qureshi

    USA was came to Afghanistan for destroying Pakistani nuclear weapons..18 years USA struggle day and night to destroy nuclear weapons of Pakistan.. what USA get after 18 years struggle…???👇👇👇

  38. Sexy Putin

    China just start claiming indonesia sea
    Just wait untill china claim hawai and artic

  39. Idah Idah

    Psalm 91🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏

  40. Maya Maya

    Do they start now?

  41. arniel oquias

    war to know who is stronger and superpower. to stop the bullying at sea.

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