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  1. Colasante Venezia

    Is it me or Ricky looks like a mini archi?

  2. Cinthya

    legacies season 2 is out……

  3. Sue Thao

    Watch HIMYM! Love the vids!

  4. skunkgirl98

    Hey! East high alumni here! Just letting y’all know that east high did legitimately do high school musical the musical in fall of 2016.

  5. Glass Peregrine

    The person cast as Sharpay is called Sob… ok sure

  6. Kihyungotme Shook

    "Designated sassy black friend " thankyou for pointing that out! 😂 I m not even black but I swear every movie in the name of "diversity" casts one black person who is the designated side kick.

  7. Kokomo • love

    You man just saved me my one month of subscription

  8. Vesran

    Do Sky High next!

  9. Maa 9

    When she said "triggered as a millenial"…I finally lost it.

  10. Jaroff 77

    Dude maybe u should check out BOOKSMART .

  11. Kenzie's Kompilations

    I keep replaying 4:25 I cannot stop laughing I’m pissing myself

  12. Tanisha Shriyan

    This series tried so hard to please us when none of us even cared about it in the first place.

  13. Mostafa Ali

    3:13 now right there I couldn't agree … I remember when Disney channel's movies were kinda silly but charming and watchable but nowadays there movies ranges from meh to unbearable with very few exceptions

  14. Katie Weaver

    R.I.P. Myself 1999-4:22 😂😂💀💀💀💀💀

  15. bunnycitizen kjm's bby girl

    Do the The end of the fxxxing world

  16. Danielle Gardner

    I didn't know there was a series. I don't think I'll watch it though.

  17. Kat Tachibana

    Of all the franchises to fuck up

  18. Sadaf Ali

    spoiler: high school is nothing like this

  19. Pia

    I hate the fact that every new Disney movie / show is WAAAAY overreacted. Like…yeah….that wouldn't happen in real life

  20. Tee

    it looks like a worse version of glee

  21. LeanFather

    Dude I love your channel so much thank you for posting

  22. Courtney 98

    What . . . I had no idea this was a thing wth

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