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  1. jayda huntley

    I love them

  2. Samantha 11

    FOUR!? 3:15 😂😂😂

  3. Elena Leow-Alegre

    Olivias laugh is how I would fake laugh

  4. Sophie

    jack white? I typed jack white into google and a 44 year old rough looking man came up…? from the white stripes? lmao please tell me its another jack white

  5. faigy vaysman

    please make more Joshua Bassett

  6. Bruno Barreto Flores

    They are so awesome! Thanks for this, much love from Peru 🇵🇪😺

  7. Bruno Barreto Flores

    I’m obsessed with these kids

  8. Sofi Palmerola

    When trolls came up: “Its a Disney Movie”
    DreamWorks have left the chat

  9. 13 reasons Why

    Why aren’t there boys like Josh at my school

  10. Chryssa Kokkinou

    Joshua’s first answer when asked who he’d like to send him flowers is Harry Styles and honestly I love him even more for that.

  11. sunrosegirl217

    I love her outfit! The puff sleeves are so pretty on her

  12. Josefa Sepúlveda

    I love how Olivia explained the giver, she actually did it amazing

  13. Saul Diaz

    She said trolls was a Disney movie

  14. Cee Jay

    Olivia put her whole body into turnin to the next slide on the phone when she just needs to move her hand lmaoo

  15. Cee Jay

    Joshua is my new love

  16. Alyssa Hernandez

    they’re literally always in sync 🥺✋🏼

  17. Arissa Cheo

    Okay so I am starting to have a crush on Joshua. He's too cute.

  18. Ana Karoline Alves Honorio

    What’s the name olivia’s celebrity crush

  19. Aaliyah Reade

    i love them SO fricking much 🥰 they are so cute

  20. Amanda

    2:30 was the best scottish accent ever omg
    Ef ya had the chance tae change yer faet, woodja?

  21. Lu ci


  22. Allice Son

    "Ugly elves" hahah

  23. Mark Michael Soreta

    Trolls is not a disney movie though. 😂

  24. Purbasha Das

    A bit too quick… nothing much to read in 'comments'😅….BTW love these both💖

  25. Rita Teixeira

    DID THEY JUST MENTION HARRY WHAT THE FUCK this cast just keeps getting better and better

  26. Milan PopappleMC

    When she said trolls was a Disney movie…😂
    Love you still Olivia

    And Joshua is so cute

  27. Crizelle Delgado

    At 0:05 they literally did the same thing! They are so FREAKIN’ CUTE! They act like twins. 😂

  28. Kailah Hayes

    EEK! They are so cute togetherrr!!!

  29. Rabi

    6:43 Joshua be like taking notes one day in the future it’ll happen

  30. Rabi

    I need more OF THEM

  31. HomemadeJoy

    can’t believe how far she’s gotten from bizarrdvark!

  32. lunarci

    olivia precious olivia precious olivia babie babje babie

  33. Emma Dickson

    AWWWWW they're so cute together

  34. aly

    I can’t stop laughing at the way Olivia full on puts her head down with the phone 😂

  35. Dulcie Pham

    I love their outfits aahhhhhh

  36. AJ Likestogame

    First gotta love ninni and Ricky ❤️ 🎵

  37. Simone Pfeil

    I ship themmmmmmm😍

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