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  1. Bc Quah

    Long live China.

  2. Bang Bang

    The World will never know peace ….Thank you China, Russia,USA, we are doomed!

  3. sam hy

    The U.S Superiors courts at Southern California in Orange county and the U.S police officers are extremely jelous and hates China domestic technological powers including China military weapons technology and designs are all surpass the U.S military weapons hardware's and softwares and this is the reason why the U.S president Donald Trump and the U.S nationalists including the U.S Superior Courts at southern California in Orange county West justice Superior Courts including the U.S police officers in Orange county at west justice Superior Court are getting heart attacks now if they did see China DF-17 Hypersonic GLIDE vehicles nuclear warheads ballistic missiles and DF-41 road mobile ICBM ranges from 15,000 km including stack up to 10 Thermals nuclear warheads into one and more importantly China Supersonic unmanned stealthy drone and H-6N bombers under belly with DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles with two YJ-18A anti-ship cruise missiles on both wings of a H-6N bombers and this will hold all entire the U.S navies and air powers at Bay far away from South China Sea and East China Sea including Western Pacific ocean.all of the above military weapons are all made in China and designs in China and lots of weapons China display at a parade the U.S never have in the U.S soil at all.and China to display # 1 advances military softwares and hardware's weapons at a parade to STOP WARS.ONLY PEACES and LOVES above all.

  4. Phali Gurung

    Top parad n marching in the whole world number 1. You are the great n top China ! I like n use to watch from before long time. Congratulation China. Very2 gd n weldone !

  5. Fayze Mourie

    all our love to china

  6. Fayze Mourie

    super china congratulation

  7. Vladica Ristic

    Long life China !!!
    Suport from SERBIA ! 🇨🇳🇷🇸

  8. Trump2024

    Too bad they didnt run a bunch of innocent people over with tanks like they did in 1989. That always makes for a good military display. Xi Jinping has a REALLY shitty car btw

  9. Chris Chan


  10. European Train Driver


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