Himachal Pradesh Tourism – Paradise on Earth

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Himachal Pradesh is the most attractive, fascinating and picturesque state known as the “Indian Heart”, made up of natural mountain stations, mountains, lakes, wonderful temples and flaking snow, which makes your The trip to Himachal Pradesh is worth cherishing.

The trip to Himachal Pradesh includes not only spectacular scenery, but also Himachal Pradesh is known for its high-end sports, hiking, fishing, fishing and more.

Some of the best tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh are:

Dharmshala: from

Dharmshala is the most striking town in the whole of Himachal Pradesh, combining beauty, art and entertainment. Dharmshala enjoys a perfect holiday with snow peaks, streams, cool, healthy air and a charming setting. It is full of life, but for those who like the tranquility and tranquility of the environment, it is quiet.

Dalhousie: from

Dalhousie's tall, deodar trees, covered with beautiful and huge snow-covered mountains, provide visitors with a heavenly view. The best thing about Dalhousie is that, despite so many years, it still retains its ancient charm, its churches and houses in Scottish and Victorian architecture. A trip to Dalhousie will make your trip to Himachal Pradesh a pleasant experience.

Chamba: from

Chamba is a small town, but its natural beauty touches your senses and soul. Chamba itself is a miracle and the perfect joy for every visitor. With its breathtaking scenery and clear snow, the valley provides warmth and enthusiasm for a relaxing and comfortable trip to Himachal.

Kuru: from

Kullu is a spectacular spot on the Himachal Tour and is a very beautiful place. It is said that the Kullu Valley lives in a world that is extremely cold, but you will like to go to this place. Be sure to enjoy Kullu's breeze, icy glaciers and popular ice games to make your journey fun and fun.

Manali: from

 Manali is a small mountain station and is worth visiting the entire town of Himachal Pradesh. After Kullu, Manali is the most popular mountain station in India. Its charm, green fertile vegetation, songbird songs and slow movements of icy glaciers make it the picturesque and most attractive part of the Himachal trip.

Khajjiar: from

Known as "Himachal Gulmar", Khajjiar is covered in lush green grass surrounded by lush pine trees and cedar green forest. You will see grazing sheep, horses and a small lake in the fields, which will be the perfect rural scenery. When traveling between Dalhousie and Chamba, this is the ideal holiday destination for a picnic.from


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