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  1. Too Much Salt

    42:11 his dna tests reveal he is primarily asian, that is the most amateurish comment you can make in a documentary. Its takes no rocket scientist to figure out that after centuries settling in China, and interbreeding with locals would result in offsprings that is predominantly Asian. What the documentary SHOULD have shown are the "other" racial dna that's present in his DNA.

  2. NN let's go

    what non-sense, "legion" in Latin is "legio" pronounced as "lay-jio", doesn't sound like li jian at all. What a BS

  3. konasteph

    I think one should read comments first before sitting down and wasting so much time on this kind of thing. There are no facts! There are no intriguing archaeology supported events ..its all vague vague what a waste of time!

  4. bellcui

    2000 years ago, there was no tibetian, ugal and mongolian, only xiongnu and some small tribes in China west, you'd better learn some history.

  5. gail handschuh

    With the high incidence of plastic surgery in China and the Orient it is becoming harder to distinguish the nationality by appearance alone. It takes very advanced DNA testing to give percentages of national origins and it sounds like China doesn’t have the technology to do it. Historical DNA is possible and might provide some answers

  6. gail handschuh

    With the possicle mix of European, Turks, Monguls, and Chinese, guessing at appearance would be foolish. DNA would give a more complete clue to heritage. Not to mention the traders of the Silk Road.

  7. gail handschuh

    The Romans never got to China but, had they arrived there the Chinese would have obliterated them. China had the best warriors of the time.

  8. mPky1

    Interesting how they are proud of their roman past and yet they rip apart the same tombs and other "roman" buildings for building supplies

  9. bird718

    people like marco polo lliked to take a week off at that city and rest before continuing their trip into china to trade. thats why they have diversity in that region.

  10. Amanda Smart

    ancestry.com DNA test might help

  11. Ken Kaneki

    Hahaha Roman wannabe

  12. soo lim Chong

    Among the tombstone,


  13. Dong Ding

    Li-Qian = Legion

  14. John Rutledge

    legion—- Roman legion

  15. Ray Lee

    "One belt One Road", has its beginning!

  16. Frank Lord

    Before any definitive research result, just by spreading the story, millions dollars will have been made for the local people, and this is what matters.

  17. MobyDick725

    The name sounds a lot like Legion. lol

  18. Richard Dalton

    silk is the prised by the ancient kings Chinese possesed the secret of this highly prized cloth. died purple form another monopoly on the marine life. Romans had wine, oil, garem. India land of spices and shinny objects the Romans treasured. there is no mystery to this video.

  19. Irish Brigade

    It's actually Alexander the Great, the farthest east he and his army went (Alexander Eschate) (Farthest East). Centuries later, the Greeks fought the Chinese "War of Horses." Persian nobility were allies at times with the Chinese as well. Some of the Greeks may have move east in China.

  20. Leo Guzz

    They are hun

  21. david muñoz


  22. Samuel Reed

    i am cane… i will help you.

  23. Gordon Fiala

    Sweet tombs!

    Are they scanning the earth for more, using electromagnetic scopes?

  24. Octavio Octavius

    Hahaha. Dna tests reveal he is primarily Asian but… his questions reveal that he just wants to be white.

  25. Peter MacMullin

    hmmm i hear lijien pronounced as legion. it would be right if the chinese interpreted it wrong and if the captures knew that word was pronounced.

  26. Kowloon Attic

    Sadly, not once is the phrase ' LiQian Heirs ' used.

  27. Jake Cruz

    Fake news.

  28. Mohamed Blaiech

    A more plausible theory would be a lost legion of Alexander's army. Because fish scale formation is a greek maneuvor not a roman formation. This style of documentaries is outdated, now we have young youtubers who can do a much better analysis in history themed videos among other topics with a fraction of the budget. These presentations were only popular because masses didn't knew better.

  29. Truthseeker

    The Vatican hides true history. Today, the Vatican is infiltrated by Jews.

  30. Zaya Zundui

    What an nonsense is that….🙃

  31. Vincent Chow

    Phony, tourism make money. 挾洋自重。

  32. My Fake Name

    why would there be roman artifacts in the city even if it was populated with roman soldiers? theyre soldiers, not potters, theyre captives not immigrants, theyre in China with access to Chinese products, its not as though Roman goods where being imported for their use , any kind of Roman military equipment they mayve had would without doubt be taken when theyre captured, and would not have been returned if for no other reason than the manufacturing process, material sciences, and cultural influences that the Romans implemented in their goods would be of value to the intelligent, resourceful, and adaptable Chinese people who undoubtedly have borrowed the technology and techniques of their contemporaries and then improved upon or utilized as inspiration for creating something brand new. The only solid link that I can think of would be biological evidence of modern populations descended from the hypothetical Roman soldiers in China, or from locating the graves of said soldiers. Its also possible that the Roman soldiers captured by the Chinese were not from the Italian peninsular and in fact it is more than likely they wouldve been non Roman mercenaries given that composition of Roman armies was of men from conquered territories or hired mercenaries under a Roman officer corp in the main, and when referring to the border units it becomes a certainty they would not have been Roman in ethnicity or culture. Auxiliaries where shipped all over the empire intentionally stationed far from their homes to discourage rebellion and desertion. I would be more surprised if they found actual ethnic Romans than if they found Germanic stock in the gene pool of that area.

  33. 落苏


  34. Buster Biloxi

    These "Romans" look pretty Chinese to me.

  35. Bill Parr

    White people think history is pride in identity. But in some countries like Korea, history is a lesson to prevent wrong from happening again.

  36. Bill Parr

    They made European country looked really big compared to China when they showed Empires in map form.

  37. Joseph Lee

    This is the silliest, bogus tale that I or any one of the 1.4 billion Chinese has ever heard of. A good joke though. There are blond-haired, blue and green-eyed Chinese in China, but they are not related to the Roman. This video perhaps is good for entertainment only.

  38. Maxi Aquí y Ahora!

    Li Jian sound like legion, but not in Latin!
    in Latin Legion was LEGIO, and the G was pronunced like the one in lego or egg

  39. Azz Laird

    Indo Europeans lived in western China even before the Mongoloids did, that’s why the Uighurs are mixed I doubt it has anything to do with the romans. And these “Chinese experts” are anything but.

  40. Robin Zhang

    It is not surprise to know ancient people covered so much distance. As we all know, before 20,000 years ago, some asians crossed the Berling gulf to north america, moved forward to south america. And their ancestors came from africa 160,000 years ago.

  41. Bundesrepublik der Erde Reich

    How many secrets does China have???
    I mean, have guys heard that there is ancient medieval Kingdom in Africa!?
    When the German expeditionary arrived there during 19th century, they have found Ancient Chinese currency and other things made from Ancient China itself

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