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  1. Main Account

    Delightful melodies

  2. wehrhafte Demokratie

    heyaaah, Bob 🙋
    thanks for your interest
    I ALWAYS sing & sang
    just to my own hearts delight 😄
    for example here in Cologne
    in my favourite Life-Jazz-Club

    when I fit again
    into my costumes
    I'd probably do it once more 😉

  3. wehrhafte Demokratie

    this was the opening-song
    of my own show
    in Cologne, 2000

    "Judy (Garland) & me"
    at the finale we two had a duet
    with "Over the Rainbow" 🌈

    who could ask for anything more 😘

  4. Main Account

    Super excellent

  5. Larry Hagemann

    Love these selections, especially Moonlight Savings Time…also Frank Luther vocals…wonderful.

  6. Richard Moon

    Time again for these treats.

  7. Richard Moon

    Thanks again

  8. Richard Moon

    Thanks asgain

  9. BixBix81

    Thank You for all your beautiful recordings. Have some question. Jack Albin's I've Go 5 Dollars, I have information that this is recorded on Harmony 1295-H or Clarion 5259 and Velvet Tone – 2325. All with same matrix number as Milt Coleman. Please inform me if Your record have YA GOT LOVE on other side. If Yes, I have 1 million please – send this side too. Best Regards Bixbix81

  10. Phoenix Swanson

    "I told you his mother was the problem."   Takes two to make a tango.

  11. Richard Moon

    Thanks aagain

  12. Eduardo Danell

    Hi everyone my name is Danell I'm 21 years old and I like a lot this kind of music, I want to talk to someone recommend me good music.

  13. BerlinBo

    Such a nice recording by Buddy Blue & His Texans.

  14. Frans Haverkamp

    geweldig dit orkest met de zangers

  15. Chan Shen

    hell yeah these is the real shit.

  16. Eugenio Scano

    Do you have some of Joe Reichman or a better transfer of "why Dream"?

  17. dick12235

    Back for these Treats again.  Thanks.

  18. Jonathan Sancho

    Swing Tanzen verboten!

  19. rares popa

    my days 

  20. Walter Brown


  21. dick12235

    Brain enjoyed these:   Thanks.

  22. Bernard Rangala

    These will live for more years

  23. view1210

    No Attack Attack?

  24. Jiří Pavel

    Wonderful! Long live swing music!!! Thanks!

  25. preservationhall01

    Well this will get your heart beating and put a smile on! Great find Pax

  26. BohemianNeil1975

    This music makes me want to jump up and start dancin'!!

  27. Neandertaler5

    Wow i like it! Wonderful!


    That stuff is, great! Brings back memories, that I never had… 🙂


    That stuff is, great!

  30. nicolas olmos olmos


  31. ludde erikson

    This is so good.

  32. Pax41 Music Time Machine

    You are welcome and thanks for watching.

  33. Rex Imperatus

    Thank you pax 😀
    For bringing these oldschool, classy musik back to the world 😀
    Rocknrolla 4ever <3

  34. Pax41 Music Time Machine

    I have a number of Jack Denny songs

  35. roggie harry Arm

    Fabulous PAX found more gems. My mother O & A. Rated highest 16 with the syncopated O & A arrangement. She also Frank Luther and everyone in radio and movies. I especially LANNY ROSS with FINSTON better than the movie clip singing "STAY AS SWEET AS YOU ARE". EACH SONG IS THE BEST PAX YOU HAVE THE FLAVOUR OF THE LATE 20's & 30's. All my favourite songs in one post. Thank you PAX will Jack Denny next. 11/7/12 keep finding more pax gems. THANK YOU!!!

  36. 1920sfan

    An awesome array of songs!

  37. paulj0557

    Moonlight Savings Time is one of the pieces of sheet music I got with the Frances Day signature on it ( this particular one is 'Fanny')..haven't tried very hard to verify if it is the singer or not, like having a lotto ticket that you know is probably a loser lol…but you never know.

  38. Pax41 Music Time Machine

    The band on Moonlight is the Schubert outfit, not Rich. This is the same label as the other post. I believe Schubert was the music director for this label at the time.

  39. Peter Hendriksma

    Frank Luther was quite versatile. He was rather popular as a band vocalist, but he also recorded with Carson Robison as 'Bud and Joe Billings', singing hillbilly songs.
    'Moonlight saving time' has been a long time favourite of mine. This version is particularly nice. Do I hear Freddy Rich's band?
    'Five Dollars', Venuti and Lang? Manny on trumpet?

  40. MusicMaestroPlease

    All these numbers were just great, especially Moonlight Savings Time. It was interesting to see on the sheet music for Million Dollar Baby the names of Ted Healy (was this before he teamed up with the 3 Stooges?) and Harry Warren, my favorite from the Warner Bros.studios. Thanks for making my day. These are going into my favorites.

  41. bill3murr

    great songs everyone….some of these versions are new.. love it. thank you for sharing the fun. take care.

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