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  1. KingofTheCrows

    I just wanna start bouncing off walls when I hear this song.

  2. Alexi Beck

    Billie has the best guitar

  3. The Cereal Geek


  4. - DanTheMan -

    was 480p considered HD back then?

  5. Randy Cox

    watching the moon with a cup of tea

  6. teethgrinder07

    who needs hd? i remember watching this on a tv made from wood

  7. PacoDelFun88

    "Watch in HD" but… where's the HD???

  8. PS3GTALoquendo

    good old '97

  9. jonathan gerardo ramirez sanoja

    Los panas que nunca envejecen 

  10. patriot_fighter

    Yeah that's his guitar, his original one was destroyed in the Mud Fight in Woodstock during 94' but he uses replicas.

  11. patriot_fighter

    Green Day fucking rocks! I love Hitchin' a Ride. It's probably one of the best off Nimrod. c:

  12. Gerry Harris

    Billie joe still has blue, it's been repaired hundreds of times of the years! Blue is still good

  13. quinton mcivor

    In a way

  14. Edward Barrie

    Why is this an argument? Green Day is Pop, and every other band that gets regular airplay. Pop is not a genre, Punk. Pop refers to POPular music. (any band that breaks the top 40 on a regular basis is Pop. Gold/Platinum albums I'm pretty sure means popular) Nimrod did Peak somewhere around #10 which would be in fact how Green Day is Pop. MTv aired this more than any boyband video.

    Punk and metal fans are notorious for not accepting the fact that other people like their favorite band.

  15. J E S S

    How the feck is green day pop?!

  16. patriot_fighter

    I love this fucking song tho! :3

  17. patriot_fighter

    Is that the original Blue? Or wait did it get destroyed in the mud fight?

  18. Leslie Arely Zuñiga.

    I Love This 3
    Blue, the original!

  19. Arturo GN

    i love this 3

  20. Creepy Coffee

    Love it <3

  21. Hanuu

    Zajebiaszcze :))

  22. wolfdragon712

    Favorite song!

  23. kirsten -

    I love it, y'know?

  24. Sonia Dumet

    Before this song inspired me… Now it only reminds me of Billie Joe fap-fapping on concert…

  25. lazybones404

    @JSM91799 no it's not its punk

  26. Jeff Hammer

    this is pop dude

  27. Eryn Knap


  28. Tom Smith

    It's a great song but you can't say it's best on Nimrod. There are at least 5 best songs on Nimrod. Besides that, everybody has it's own taste in music. My favourite here is Nice guys finish last.

  29. Gabrielle scott

    I could listen to that guitar solo for hours . Oh wait I just did

  30. SuperRandombob123

    Best band ever

  31. Tom Smith

    Thats on every video man! 1970!

  32. Tom Smith

    On which radio channel?

  33. Jack Hayes

    This song is awful

  34. Jack Hayes

    This is gay

  35. Joseph Ermey

    Thank god they stayed punk!

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