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  1. Sean NYC

    Maino gonna slap him again 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. Jay Banks

    This nigga did John?? 😳😳

  3. allmo911

    Angela that was funny 😂😂😂 that hit didn’t make it

  4. Lauren

    I love every Hitmaka interview!

  5. Michael Abram III

    Charlemagne is a very nosy news reporter

  6. Toni Hunter

    I fucking love charlemagne 😂😂😂 he said Masika ain't famous now😭😭💀💀💀

  7. Haza Flower

    He thinks being in higher position and having a lil power is going make people respect him.. they gonna respect him just enough to get what they want.

  8. Atco Doe

    Decent interview

  9. PaperboyPrince

    hes wearing a crochet bullet proof vest lol wild

  10. Reel Deal

    If you don't have this type of confidence….. please stay from around me

  11. Chris Welch

    Hitmaka gotta work on being a little more professional on interviews…. you can keep it real without giving so much info

  12. peteroc4

    I miss the sniffing seat era! LOL

  13. Rilly Jo

    Well damn. Keep seeing this fool name and ignored it. Didn't know it was Yung berg

  14. brownchanel93

    He so talented but still so messy lmaoooo I love his ass 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. F.R.E.S.H. ひ

    Na nigga thats Ja rule

  16. Stay Solid

    A boogie look back at it is fuckun trash he sounds like a broad whinin foh. U yung punks today like bullshit watery dumbed down cat in that ass music. I laugh at the shit yall think is dope its mediocre at best no thought provoking lyrics no inspiring lyrics no sing wit heart no songs fa the struggle. Only a few do it nowadays i feel sorry fa yall in 10 years itll be gon. It wont last thats wat yall dont get

  17. Haza Flower

    I like the music he put out.. But I can't deal with a chatty Patty ass ninja! Dude talk too much. 😂

  18. datpoint

    Talk that shit Berg! Can only be humble for so long

  19. Flocko Shawty

    It’s so funny half of the industry need him they all shitted on him

  20. Luchini The don

    God bless you bro I'm proud of you

  21. All Gucci Drip

    He coming at they necks, all the niggas that doubted him must be feeling sum typa way

  22. nathan kelley

    charlamagne is so fuckin phony he act like he aint know he produced john for wayne but in his first interview with them he said it and he said he fucked with it like shut up hating ass nigga

  23. natalie joemie

    This nigga sucked the right dick

  24. Darko Knight

    Happy for Berg

  25. Rellz Room

    Telling folks business sheesh ☕️

  26. Brandon Sims


  27. lw3042003

    Never outshine the master

  28. Emerson B

    Happy for this dude

  29. Michelle Webb

    I actually laughed out loud a couple times during this interview. Good Job. Stay humble Hitmaka!

  30. Becoming King

    This dude rebranded himself and is truly a hit maker but you can tell he remembers every person that shitted on him when he was the punching bag. But hes smart enough to not let that stop him from possibly working with those people and making hits. His self realization of people liked his music but just didn't want him delivering it is crazy

  31. Johnny Moxon

    He will always be yung berg to me

  32. Loch121

    Berg a hustler.He grinded out of a casket

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