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  1. John of PA

    Well, yeah. I'm pretty sure I'll take an out of date rifle over having to "sneak up behind him and beat him to death with a sock full of shit."

  2. Justinmatthew Perez

    Anger anime noises

  3. Mehmet Koyun

    I really love your videos and am impressed by your commitment, please continue doing HOI4 videos. But I always forget to like your videos, maybe you should remind us at the end 🙂

  4. 孙愉悦

    If you don't mind join Comintern. As Mao you can annex China before went war with japan. you can use 5~7 single cavalry break through Xibei San Ma and occupy
    city to win faster. And then join Comintern declare war on Sinkiang to prevent Sinkiang joining Comintern. You can annex Xibei San Ma, Sinkiang and Shanxi at very end of 1936. After that, you can declare on China with Comintern and annex it around 1938~1939. After that, I highly recommend leave Comintern and fight Japan along for two reason: 1. Soviet in 1.7 is a mess. Soviet help you fight Japan probably make it dead faster in West front. 2. if you in the Comintern, Guangxi and Yunnan Clique will have highly chance join Comintern, making united China very hard.
    But even you annex China, fighting japan still is very difficult. you need build stronghold on hebei and wipe out Japan troops. If you let Japan successfully established landing on coastline, You will definitely failed. You need have a army defending coastline and unless you can accurately forecast, It is still every difficult. I wipe out about 1 million Japanese troops and successful occupied mainland in 1941 by luck. If you survival and success at this point. You can start build your industry power and basically fxxk any one on Eurasia. I am not sure whether you have enough time to build a navy to invade Japan.

  5. Jackson Gurney

    I cant believe you didnt permit the opium trade smh

  6. Ma sh

    your national focus choice pains me… WHY WOULD YOU TAKE 5% STABILITY OVER -15% CIV USE YOU WILL NEVER NEED TOTAL MOB 😮

  7. ThunderNorse

    Remember to defend other China at all cost, if they fall you will fall!

  8. Victor Rachid

    Hey, did you see the La resistance trailer? Now you can surrender with 3 new focus trees for all 3 Frances xd

  9. Robert Kalinič

    I guess japanese ai has boner for naval invasions, i mean… invading and retreating from Nanking 3 times?!!

  10. Alihan Kahriman

    You cannot beat them in MTG. They have endless Icho-Go decision-spirit.

  11. Sebping

    Dustin, pls only spam out early infantry rifles – no artillery or such. You really need more divisions and guns to keep the fighting.
    Put everything on guns. :p

    You can even use a little trick in order to get your divisions out faster: when you recruit divisions, you can make that they will get equipment first and the other, already fighting divisions won't get anything

  12. DanRage47

    "KOMMINISTEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!" Various and many German soldiers when spotting Russians tsumani'ing into Germany.

  13. Jakob Niederer

    Why do you bother defending china? Just do the Infiltrate china focuses and you can start the civil war with a huge headstart against china, defending yourself from japan in shanxi isnt that hard too so…

  14. phobos moon

    Hey dude so I tested the Yalta conference and I found a couple of things.

    1: Germany doesn't need to be the last major to capitulate in order for the Yalta conference event to fire

    2: you do need to annex/puppet the land you want. taking just 1 province in the peace deal doesn't change anything

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