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  1. Raul Ruiz

    Producer: How much autotune??

    Nle: Yess!!

  2. Geo Razo

    That bitch is trash af

  3. Pistol Pat

    Lol this dude looks like Patrick mahomes and this song is terrible 😂

  4. Leander Jefferson

    This was a waste of some cheese putting this on Worldstar 😂
    She shoulda went on some Taylor swift shit , but wanna come into the game a thot .😂😂

  5. Katoe Shei3sty

    No singing Cuh

  6. Jordan Allen

    Any one else confused with this song my face when it starts

  7. Jordan Allen


  8. Lil Tecca

    This Holly bitch not it smh 🤦‍♂️ ngl whole time the only thing I was lookin at was that ass 👀👀

  9. Intrinsic

    Choppa got snowbunnies

  10. Guap Team Alumni Music Page

    This ass…

  11. Hotsam Noirchards

    There’s never gonna be a good white female rapper just stop already.

  12. Jobobs Kace

    Bro 💯nle gotta bring back old choppa 🐍😎👿

  13. DCR Uploads

    YNW Melly Ft NBA YoungBoy YHH New https://youtu.be/N0zy3mlCtCg

  14. 4pF_ Navi

    She should just do porn rappin ain her thang

  15. ViktoBeats

    0:56 You'll thank me later

  16. GamingWithBlitz

    Auto tune 😂😂 the whole dam song lmfao

  17. roddy’s wife

    oh lord these white girls needa stopppp😂

  18. Tattoos By Kintoz

    I don’t know about the song but baby holly too sexxy 😍😍😍😘😘😘 someone tell her to HMU I want to tattoo that booty 😂😂😂

  19. Zach Kronquist

    Omfg. The haters on here like serious, WHUTS wrong wit it ? I liked it. Yall trash as fuck. Chase your dreams not sitting behind a comp and typing negative fuckin shit. I'm chasin mine no cap. Fuck heads of America, man smfh. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. NLE choppa is 17, SHEESH, makin millions already, imeen shit, dude doin jus fine.

  20. bdgstyle

    From street to Pop shit. Real G!

  21. A. de Jong

    Only reason i still follow worldstar is because od the stripper rappers

  22. Youngins chasing paper

    1LIKE = 1SUB

  23. Cuppa Jo

    This is aweful



  25. HUJAMBO Korodani


  26. TrippTheTripper

    I'll smash

  27. Holly Baby Official




  29. DetCordXXXI

    This is known as fucking for tracks…

  30. Tim Greer

    @hollybaby this is not meant to be a joke in any since I’m just here to help you be the best you… This shit straight trash you need to be beaten with microphone and talent. Anyone who hears this has lost 2:44 of their live that they can never ever get back. Maybe think about being a hair dresser or a teacher cause this bs you putting out isn’t working!!!

  31. JC32Gaming

    If this is blue you BRUSH YOUR TEETH🦷


    (I’m gifting my next 10 subs hurry 🗣)

  32. Dizelbeatz

    The song is trash but the girl badd!
    I died when she said, “Holyyyyyyy” in the beginning! 😂

  33. TR David Rex


    " Ay the beat go off? "

  34. CORNFLAKE_21

    🤢 Who TF is this girl?

  35. Trappa Gang


  36. Chuck E Cheese

    She the type of girl to steal her dad’s watch to get a feat from NLE Choppa

  37. DaSh DaSh

    They should just remove holly's verse and add another verse for choppa

  38. Nick Dandrea

    Shes trash lmaoo

  39. Abraham J j

    first of all choppa saved that song

    and that must have been a hard love song to shoot, the fact that hes only 17 and he has a girlfriend made it impossible for any affection to be shown.

  40. Omar Lopez

    Sorry NLE this collab was a no… you could have collabed with someone better.

    Unless… this was charity work?? Lol

  41. Mike O'leary

    Oh nle choppa you just on the ft to clap cheecks

  42. Kymonni Barnes

    Holly Baby Feat. Nle Choppa Wasted Love

  43. Gerard Garnett

    Holly Baby As Lacina Rowe Alicia Rodriguez Yisel Marquez Dehsell Anthony Kymonni Barnes
    Nle Choppa As Gerard Garnett Tyrese Wandrick Robert McGee

  44. HoodfavM

    Shit trash asf

  45. Gabriel Machin Sosa

    this bich shit

  46. When a kid in class stares at

    Rapping aint for holly stripping is.

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