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  1. Dear Father

    Bitttch, how much the anti-China group pays u, I double it

  2. Magnum Mountaineer

    Why is it Jones gets banned, but maddow pushed a fake news russian collusin fairy tale for 3 years and suffered no banning after being proven a fake newser? What about odonnel? Also proven a LIAR and fake newser, but also not banned.

  3. Generalissimo X

    i liked the video. i loved the giant rack at the end.

  4. Michael DeSilvio

    I'm shadow banned on millennial Millie Weavers YouTube channel?

  5. Erick Cisneros

    Facial recognition Cameras should mean target practice 🎯

  6. Erick Cisneros

    I’ve noticed this year numerous protest have occurred.
    Honk Kong- democracy- extradition bill
    Puerto Rico- corruption
    Paris – Wages Taxes
    Russia – universal suffrage

  7. jack mehoff

    They'll come crawling back to us

  8. Pandapotan Arief

    Be strong!! And His Spirit protecting you in the Name of His Only Son, Yeshua Hamashiach! Amen to that🙏💞💕👍💞💕

  9. John Smith

    Millie with an excellent comment, especially about illegal Fentanyl sent to the USA from China. +There was a word from Big Tex; the man victimized through censorship. … In the USA like China, Big Tech censorship is political control of >opposing ideas. The Globalists always want to suppress the people and freedom.

  10. China Chinese

    This video is full of misinformation, distorted reality, one-sided biased stories and groundless speculation.

  11. China Chinese

    Your title is wrong. It should be "Hongkong is the US's hostage in the trade war with China"

  12. PlayMusic!


  13. Sam Fowler

    I always wondered why they wore those white hospital masks in China – I knew the air wasn't great but it must also be because they don't like face recognition either. …..hmmmmm

  14. Thomas Torquati

    Is she showing cleavage just for us to support her?

  15. CannibaLouiST

    Those 6 "Legco members" who just went to the US and back are commies

  16. Rangers Fan

    I’d pump your fart box.

  17. seam rog

    Pure Junk Millie…Fuck China and Hong Kong
    The US GOV and ALL white GOVs are the enemy. They are the ones who brought this to us.
    Invaders out.
    MW do you ever talk about black violence?

  18. Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa

    51,000 LBS of Fentynal was seized in Mexico last week and said to have come from China.

  19. 한국Clown

    Ugly shameless Westerners once again use double standards. Hong Kong is Chinese territory. Anglo-Saxons should shut up.

  20. Patrick plumber

    Your hair looks amazing ! Great vid from a beautiful momma ! Looking good Millie

  21. 漢仔

    Haha.. U ppl do know how to turn white to black… 😕

  22. gilbert aguilar

    She's hot.

  23. Dream Team Prez

    That was a really really good video. I like Infowars or your part in it mainly, is becoming so filled with does real current news not the dossier and all that crap that was her first ever but digging into the reasons Hong Kong college students are protesting Etc. You did a really good job.

  24. Matt

    Kinda hard to overthrow a government with a bunch of umbrellas. Too bad they can’t get any guns.

  25. G_R_ I_M_

    Do you ever call out the smallsies? All the dual citizen dems ain't dual citizens with China in our own government. Chinese people buy the homes that the banksters foreclose on.

  26. Scott Toseland Book Author

    Walmart has the same Cameras in there stores …

  27. NPCs U Can’t Laugh _____ Bahahaha

    Dang Millie is sooo easy on the eyes

  28. Travis Howe

    China ass hole!

  29. John Doe

    Holding their own people hostage. Throughout history China has been a cruel heartless country

  30. Chelsea Lawler

    Chinese people don't want a dictator shit. This is why they fight for their rights.

  31. Lupi33

    I see it as Hong Kong being US's hostage in trade war with China.

  32. John

    ill take that trade

  33. Gabriel Tang

    So far, HK only extradites criminals to civilized countries.

  34. PhatlessGamez

    Millie is PACKING

  35. Brian Brewster

    MM, linking to Info Wars 3:55 is as stupid an idea as it gets. There goes any credibility I could ever have watching your channel.

  36. Chaille Smith

    Everybody wants to switch the Holland called protesters for the entire American left.

  37. Tod Chappuis

    Great reporting Millie this video is right on.

  38. Born MCMXCl

    You remind me of someone who tries to use big words to sound intelligent, but you're really not. Used to like you but you've gotten annoying in the past year.

  39. Walther Bukowski

    Adolf Hitler is a small boy compared to the number of deaths in the name of communism.

  40. Walther Bukowski

    Communists remain communists NEVER forget that

  41. Brett J

    Millie has some good sized titties, I must say.

  42. Rodney Armstrong

    Here's the truth Trump has huge Tarrifs on China because China has Hillary Clinton's deleted emails and China wants Trump to pay for them but Trump said no you are going to give them to me through tariffs. It's all about Hillary Clinton's 30,000 deleted emails.

  43. stew leo

    I hit "like" for this video, but I don't like the sound of it…
    Jesus is our only hope in this fallen world.

  44. Alliance

    Have the millions of protesters in Hong Kong move to the United States of America.

  45. BigFrakkinOgre

    Thanks Millie


    Fuck china.

  47. Kevin Myco

    shit is getting way to real.

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