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  1. Enzo Felton

    Comments from CCP employees only. Pathetic…

  2. Abdul Rahman

    Nice fight for freedom👍

  3. William W

    Why run? If they believe what they believed, just own it up and fight proudly in the courtroom. I mean they think they are the hero fighting for HK’s freedom, right 🥱

  4. Death Painful

    Round up the rest of the rats. Because it's time to Pay the Piper ! 😂😂😂

  5. Cyber.demon81

    Now HK is the new shooting location for walking dead season 11

  6. siu siu


  7. Miko Chan

    I guess they ran out of beer….

  8. Bush Ape2019

    you mean these pigs chased down protesters and beat them ,,just like they have done in so many other truth videos..fking communist pigs https://youtu.be/dst88GNBHqc

  9. heath ongq

    Will they be serve dim sum in the morning? or just a bowl of rice with soy sauce?

  10. 支持警察


  11. yukitaka oni

    I got an idea. Since protestors have 5 demands, why don’t government have 5 demand to protestors as well? Fair fight right?

  12. Hanyang Liu

    hahahahahapeaceful protesthahahahahaha

  13. semi-atomic

    0:03 When you rage quit the server after you can't win the battle.

  14. Ken Wong

    反逃犯条例.. 现在他们变成逃犯..

  15. R S


    The word you were looking for is "Rioters."

  16. jenisly jensen

    Why are the police harassing the peaceful protesters?


  17. njnaz13

    Beat their legs til they cant walk🤣🤣🤣

  18. Q Q

    send them to american to enjoy their freedom

  19. 陈新虎


  20. Duy Han Huu

    Police hong kong killer

  21. Duy Han Huu

    Freedom for hong kong

  22. willim darmawan

    They know they are wrong and losing supports because their anarchy.. Too bad the peace movement had turned into a chaos.

    If you guys don't trust Carrie lam, so be it. Why need to be anarchy?

  23. CC Chu

    Hello, where are the peaceful pro-democracy "be water" protesters? Did they really think the police will allow them to go home, have their dinner and come back to fight another day?

  24. Jacky Eezhan

    Look like Titanic in the sea

  25. Terry Saunders

    The Zombies are hiding in Uni

  26. Yu Bunthiam

    It is a pity. Those riotes stil so young. What wolud they gonna be after grown up. Hopefully not ne a real terrorists. The parents who support those kids must be punished.

  27. MayLee Tan

    Actually, i find it so amusing looking at the rioters being chased after by police. It is like hide and seek. May be HK rioters should grow up. Shame on their parents for not bringing up their children to be law abiding. May be HK environment is too stressful and parents do not have enough time to spend with them

  28. Meme Boi

    To all those who judge the protestors, watch this.

  29. Night Netic

    Lol someone made it out at the back as the rest of the group go down that way he went the other nice one 😂😂😂😂

  30. Jackal Shine

    Police should change their baton to sword or machete.

  31. Maggie Zhu

    This city is a big mess!
    “ most beautiful” university u never seen!🤣

  32. Alohamora hello

    Death to Hong Kong police

    We will fight another day

    The international community will never stop supporting Hong Kong democratic movement

  33. Xia Chen

    I don’t know the construction, I only know the destroying group of idiots and some traitors.

  34. Trashboi Ty 原始の

    0:06 how tf do you expect to get far when you run like that?

  35. P X

    Well done, HK police

  36. David cd

    Bunch of foreign assets.

  37. 張小明

    Well done HK Police👍👍👍Thanks🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  38. Dong Lee

    Hong Kong is now a discreet Prison of the CCP

  39. PsyQoBoy

    The last of Us : Hong Kong Edition

  40. Emilio Xiaotiti

    The police should have shot them DEAD.

  41. 独立思维

    Destroy the school into this and still want to escape!

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