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  1. Guardian News

    Hong Kong protester shot with live round during China National Day rally ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/oct/01/hong-kong-protester-shot-with-live-round-during-china-national-day-rally

  2. 주먹을꺼내기전에


  3. Su Chung

    Hong Kong has the most protests in the world including violent protests. H.K rioters are mostly students or youth who have no brian, selfish, no analytical skills and even no common sense as they are destroying their own city as armed robbers and terrorists.  They have destroyed H.K economy and thought that they are heroes in these nearly 4 months violent protests.  They are losers without any future,  especially if they are convicted with criminal court convictions records.

  4. Dwight K. Schrute

    0:18 Nice accuracy on those throws lmao

  5. Paul Smith

    The corrupt government are going to lose.

    Power to the people

  6. Mr. Nice Guy

    Everyone gangster till Florida man arrives

  7. Denra Maulana

    Resist !!!

  8. Sebastian Alleyne

    “Peacful protestors”

  9. Rererro Muzzi

    "Peaceful protesters" anyone?

  10. rezo

    These Western Backed Terrorists need to be eliminated!

  11. yakisueba


  12. zaxas78

    Total War HK Edition

  13. Charles W R

    The protester who was shot is arrested. This should be the turning point. Hong Kong people will go on until they win the FULL independence from China. Hong Kong the Free Country!

  14. Liu Bo

    looks like there is no way this can end peacefully



  16. Hi 61

    The people of Hong Kong are tired of the red flag!!!!!

  17. Sunset-Skies


  18. Raza Khan

    Try to even curse at a US police officer, you will be beaten and arrested. If you try to attack a US cop, then all hell will break lose. So Western hypocrisy is unbelievable. This is not about "democracy". We all know how these westerners support dictators and terrorists all over the world. They just hate China because its rising and challenging the Western domination of the world.

  19. Vasili ngo

    China is more powerful than you

  20. Silly Seagull

    Merry Chyna day

  21. He

    Shame to those HK criminals!

  22. Rita Chen

    You can find there is commander trained by CIA, how normal people can stay strong and organised in front of policemen?

  23. billy kobilca

    These protesters would have been shot in the states. seriously .

  24. Manos Seferidis

    It becomes like Ukraine

  25. Manos Seferidis

    It becomes like Ukraine

  26. Manos Seferidis

    It becomes like Ukraine

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