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  1. nishant kumar

    free Hong kong we support Hong kong from india…

  2. ar ripon

    Al Jazeera why are sucking american pen*s!!! are you forgot what they did ????

  3. yo dasxi

    Demand #6 – statehood.
    Demand #7 – US citizenship.
    Strong message to China – don't mess with racist Hongkonger anti China terrorists in China.

  4. Tony Li

    Hong Kong sucks!

  5. Mike Yin

    Great enjoy to watch human dumbness

  6. Nic Estrera

    It's like a people power here in philippines

  7. keith

    demand nr 6 pay more tax hk spoiled rats

  8. ranae

    mainland communist china dictators–GET OUT OF HONG KONG FOREVER…you do NOT control the entire eastern asia area.. all financial business can still be moved to Singapore just like was originally discussed…mainland communist china dictators will LOSE in this dispute..Hong Kong is supposed to be a free state abide by your agreement cheaters.


  9. Sheriff Donut

    what more autonomy , are you naive ? what yellow journalism

  10. Ram Chari

    Why this people showing US flags ,us is not a full democracy it's a two party federal system

  11. Hirad Santabay

    Independent Hong Kong.

  12. Dusty Malone

    A march and a rally are not the same thing – idiot!

  13. Johan Ongchangco

    The irony, there is election in HK no elections in Qatar where Al Jazeera is based.

  14. Miguel A.LM.

    Are they really demanding autonomy or indipendence from China or just the adherence of the Chinese government to the one-country-two-system. If so, then the title is misleading.

  15. fairplayall

    That's what Western plotters were dreaming for. Silly

  16. Black Bell

    These brutal rioters are just funded separatist movement, and hide their true motive behind slogan democracy. Masquerade.

  17. Frida Magrita

    Good 💪💪💪💪

  18. Carbon Oxidess

    One china is never gonna work honestly. hong konger, taiwanese, Cantonese, tibetan…. People of same race doesnt mean that they should be in one nation.

  19. jenuine intention

    the wisest leaders always listen to the voice of his people 🙏🏻 prayers of enlightenment to all ✨

  20. Ben Cheong

    The CCP will Not give up Hong Kong and they plan to take Taiwan too. 👈
    For those protesters it going to be in vain but i know they are trying. (All the best in 2020. Keep it up)

  21. McD 1916

    Hong kong is a part of china simple as. Typical brits and americans puppetering seperatism. China deserves to hold on to all of its territory due to all european countries previous occupations and britains opressive opium wars.

  22. fei zheng

    go to America

  23. Thomas McGillivray

    You can't ignore those numbers eh.

  24. mickey parks

    Hongkong and Taiwan are superpowers of democracy in al chineses.

  25. mickey parks

    Hongkong must become a country like Taiwan. Xi jinping must respect hongkongers as evidence for democratic china now.For Hongkong can stand all by himself now in 2020.

  26. Kate100294764

    hope they achieve their wish. HK is nothing like China, only Chinese people will say such nonsense.

  27. Golden Crown

    God help China another democracy western gift to you by the former British colonialist and Americans.

  28. Dan Man

    how can it have greater autonomy when it already has almost full autonomy already?

  29. Jerry Yin

    Free Qatar

  30. Yasoboy

    China should never allow and agree to the Chinese traitors Hongkee skunks demand. If China give them an inch, they will demand for a foot later.

  31. No formality just truth

    That's how you know it's the amerikkkan imperialists behind it

  32. Youtuve Youtuve

    Why brits give it to china, should have been taiwan

  33. Communist American Volunteeer

    These protests must stop, China is united

  34. Ya yoit

    These wankers are still at it?

  35. Zhaochang Qian

    Is Jazeera's blatant anti-China stance is dumbfounding!

  36. dong wang

    Go on,we don't care.

  37. E Walker

    Deception again as with pro Iranian government protests presented as anti government protests. Some of these images are of the New Year's Eve celebration crowds. Protesters were also intermingled in the crowd of celebrators.

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