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  1. Peace 4香港

    A Chinese saying goes – inviting the wolf into your home 引狼入室

  2. B L

    They scream for liberation yet clamour to come under the yoke and enslavement of the USA and the UK. These are very confused people.

  3. Suprise King

    Go Hong Konger!

  4. Nightcor EDM

    These hongkies don't like history classes at school.

  5. Goliath de Laru

    Trump should liberate HK !!
    Turn this stupid place into rubble like Iraq or Libya. Unfortunately, I don’t think Trump will waste any effort on HK as HK doesn’t have oil like Iraq or Libya nor opium like Afghanistan. What HK has is a criminals haven and money laundering business.

  6. Kelvynn Lee

    I don't know why it is so hard to gather them up and put them on a cargo ship and ship them out to see. They can be free and own their own platform.

  7. Mr G

    If they love America so much, why not migrate there? I am sure Americans will open its door for them. Pathetic bunch of fools humiliating themselves.

  8. Indrid Cold

    the dumb and ironic thing is that passing the act will deleverage hong kong as a global financial center, these protestors are essentially making it easier for Beijing to reduce hong kong back into the fishing village it once was.

  9. James Aston

    Hong Kong may not be a “part of China” much longer. Its people clearly want to live in freedom!


    Free election does not lead to wealth and improve quality of life for the people, only competent leadership does this. More elections can lead to more chaos, too much of this put breaks on meaningful big projects that spans decades. Before, Hong Kong people were second class citizens under British colonial rule for 180 years (without freedom to vote), this was set up because Britain wants to legalise selling opium in exchange of silver and silk, to the Chinese people to keep the population as drug addicts and weak, this give rise to the term "Sick Man of Asia". History was made before these youngsters were born giving the rise to the phrase "Century of Humiliation" for China. China was an ally to the US and Britain in WWII, back then KMT and CCP combined forces in WWII, Subsequently there was a civil war and CCP won the war. For two decades KMT claimed to be the legitimate government of China and set up the Republic of China and CCP set up People's Republic of China (PRC), CCP has the backing of the bulk of the citizens of China, they see themselves as liberated from previous tyranny. Fast forward, the UN proclaim PPC as the legitimate government of China. Taiwan is the name of an island, the government is however called Republic of China and claims everything that PRC claims including Hong Kong and the South China Sea.

    In current times, Hong Kong had shipping and manufacturing industries before, now these commercial domains have evaporated and gone to other centres and ports in the Pearl Delta, so Hong Kong GDP has gone south for 2 decades by slow attrition, the riots has made thousands of business on the verge of bankrupt and people losing jobs. Tourism has been destroyed. Hong Kong now became weak without much opportunities for the youngsters who may want to be engineers, scientists and technologists that relies on innovation (not ideology). The price of housing has gone through the roof, this is good for the super rich who holds assets in real estate, but not for the young protesters. Contrary to general write up about human rights and issues in western China. The mission of PRC is to give everyone opportunities with minimum interference for Chinese people pride and ownership of their own culture, they need to keep 1.4 billion people on focus and on target for the Chinese dream, so it cannot afford separatists groups to interfere with this mission plan. Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chongqing are examples of this mission. All these centres have vibrant economies with excellent quality of life and GDPs higher than Hong Kong. PRC has put policies in place to lift 700 million people out of poverty and more to come. This is the core object for right rights, by getting every citizen out of poverty and see the beauty of different civilisations. Hong Kong do not have sustainable development industries now (solar, wind, geothermal, nuclear), aerospace, electric vehicles, fusion technology, greening deserts, enhance agriculture nor manufacture bullet trains, mega ships, pipelines, manufacturing of steel, state of art electronics industry. It has no industry on telecommunication 5G, AI gears, nor super e-commerce platforms (Wechat pay and Alipay). Hong Kong now is a lame duck used as a chess piece to divide China by external powers on ideological grounds. It is hopeful that we understand a bit on history, PRC do not have freedom for people to own guns, nor in history have dropped atomic bombs. Hong Kong should join up with PRC as quick as possible to reclaim its own relevance. As Martin Jacques, PhD from Cambridge University said in his latest interview, a rethinking for the youngsters future in needed, both themselves and the government. It would also be good if people read the thoughts of John Pilger, an Australian investigative journalist to make up their minds especially on the brutal reality of wars in our lifetime.

  11. CircuitDruid

    Upvote for being out there covering this.

  12. Lee Lhasa

    Look at the CCP slaves making out it's being funded by america, who can't seem to comprehend that Hong Kong people don't wish to be swallowed into China's system of "throw any critic into prison and torture/kill them". America doesn't do that. Thats why they side with America, and look for them for help. America doesn't throw a million muslims into camps like China. America doesn't crush tibet for 60 years and counting – like China. America doesn't harvest critics organs while they're still alive for profit – like China. Get it yet?

  13. Black Bell

    Just one word zaibal bidaras.

  14. King Lu


  15. Bryan de leon

    The world needs trump

  16. Smoke free Life

    Wtf???? Shame on these protesters no no rioters…

  17. rogers owen

    still calling them protestors rather than mobs? this is the real face of western media.

  18. Killerclown Thao


  19. Binaj Basnet

    China should drop the freedom bomb to these freedom lovers,westerners feetwashers

  20. Binaj Basnet

    I think hong kongers forgot iraqi freedom…afganistan getting freedom bombed,syria getting freedom ……👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  21. Steve Anderson

    CIA? The CCP has been blaming other countries for it's own internal problem since Mao's era. This is communism with Chinese characteristics.

  22. eastern2western

    Let's start ww3.

  23. Eric Wli

    The longer this shit is going on in HK, the easier it will be for Beijing to control HK. Violence never prevail. China could take over HK like a fishing village like it used to be.

  24. 山田国雄


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