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  1. Fillinyourname

    The fifty years is for transition not to maintain status quo. How is it possible to change everything at the 49th year?

  2. qiu fusheng

    l don't really trust CNA reports,sick of reading it at all; anti-China and pro-west of biased reports all time.

  3. Vincent Ong

    Notice that CCP has employed a lot of cyber troopers to comment on Youtube video.

  4. K S

    Remember, End of the British! Respect the law. The United Kingdom (Britain) REFUSED or NEVER give a Democracy to Hong Kong, Britain handover to China! Last on July 1st, 1997, when the United Kingdom ended for the colony of Hong Kong and PASSED control of the territory to CHINA!
    Remember or whether United Nation (UN) does not guarantee of anything or everything and UN does not guarantee a Democracy!
    Have you heard that news says, "BREXIT AND BRITIAN'S BROKEN DEMOCRACY" , Here's news URL: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jun/18/brexit-and-britains-broken-democracy. Also news says, "The United Kingdom is leaving European Union" URL: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-32810887. Maybe, I am not sure but heard news says, California plan to divorce US. URL: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/the-conversation/sd-calexit-back-again-20180424-htmlstory.html

  5. David Hynes

    I wonder can we airdrop some tear gas canisters and guns for the protesters.

  6. Keong Ng

    CNA reporting is not in area of combat and this make us look very distance to be honest. They are shooting with real amunation. If miss this one, there will be real incident this weekend. Later democracy is not enough. You are seeing something that will be in history, so work harder to give us news. The Indonesia riot it will be settle because of new law since Suharto era. Even when there are death, it will be compensated before it get worst. HK is the history breaker meaning something change.

  7. Lars von Trier

    why is this happening?

  8. john p

    So the protesters are fire benders and the cops are water benders..

  9. Wei Tsung Soo

    Wei Du is cute wearing that helmet. Take care and don't get too close to either side of the camp.

  10. Robert VanZant

    Yea a protester was shot ! Will there be an investigation into this or there other violations ? No

  11. Ashley Wong

    The number of times she stumbles and says, "uh" and "um" is very noticeable. Is she nervous? God bless…

  12. Mark Zhao

    Please call the US polices to help. I cannot believe why HK polices are so soft..

  13. alexsolosm

    CNA, you guys should look up the dictionary to see the definition of protest and riot. It is appalling that an English news channel can't even get their vocabulary right. Your editors should probably step down. My 12 year old niece has a better competency in English than your staff! What a disgrace to the Mediacorp!

    Bear in mind that every news you broadcast and every articles you publish is a reflection of your quality and an indication of how objective your journalism is! The coverage of CNA on the Hong Kong riots till date is a clear sign to the audience that you are either unable to produce materials with good quality in English, or you have a prejudice against the Hong Kong government, and is actively driving an underlying political agenda.

  14. Mathew Peter

    these are not protesters, these are USA PAID TERRORISTS!

  15. branded

    they destroy their own contry . what's next ?

  16. Owlman Chan

    protestors ?! what kind of protestor this is ?

  17. Yavir Sulima

    on commie slaughtering free chinese day!

  18. moon moon

    rioters~~~~cna~~~~ rioters~~~

  19. Guy Wong

    Police INVADED two petrol bombs factories? What a bunch of bull!

  20. Tengku J.W

    Useless police

  21. Jasper Ckv

    Use guns. They will be disappear like rats

  22. Yang Jianguo

    In HK, it is 日日暴动, 日日沒生意…Americans say it's "beautiful sight to watch".. but if Republican Senators simply refuse to impeah POTUS Trump, I am quite sure that the Democrats will not commit this kind of unconstitutional "beautiful sight to watch"…. for America, it is the rule of law but for HK, it is the rule of the mob..😀😀

  23. Boon Huat Tan


  24. Ilsunny Lo

    Rip. Funeral day on national day.

  25. Planes & Planes 飞机

    This needs to end. I'm tired of this shit. Feels like they're becoming terrorists.

  26. crewcutter2030

    China sucks, free hongkong

  27. Jonathan Yao

    The reporter is pretty.

  28. White Mike

    So what ,People get shot by real bullets everyday by police in U.S

  29. tlieu12

    In US, they would have pumped him with dozens of rounds…other officers would have joined in at first shot.

  30. Louis Chau


  31. Roma AS

    GOOD job protesters! never stop till Destroy Hong Kong completely

  32. jeffc168jb

    Thank you Hong Kong police for showing such restraint and dedication. I love democracy but violence is never the answer. If these violent vandalizing mobsters who masquerade as freedom fighters try their tactics in any democratic countries such as America, England or India, I’d love to see how the police react.


    Hong Kong Police can't stop the protests! The HK government can't cope with the situation…

  34. Hakan Gedek

    There is nothing in West in future lol… Future is at the hands of Asia. So acting according to west advices or controlled by them is foolish. Just be part of China and live on.

  35. hiu Chee Fatt

    Rioters are turning HK into war zone. Time to treat them like terrorists.


    the world is so tired of this such a waste of airtime theres much more sensible news to focus on than this

  37. Frank

    They are Rioters, not protesters.

  38. jerry daniel

    Great job Hong Kong police keeps up good work !!! Bravo bravo for the shots 👏👏👏👏

    If these terrorists was in USA or UK they will be all shots by killers cops certify to kill chains 😁😁😁😁

  39. Againstinjustice

    Please God send punishment after punishment to china

  40. nel c

    Like I said it wasting tax payer money, resources and time. Just open fire shoot anyone protest on street and wearing mask.

  41. Tunis Saadia

    They are mobs and thugs. Not demonstrators. They throw petro bombs, destroy shops and malls, attacking police, beating up innocent citizen and driver who just happened to pass their way. Stop glorifying them and encourage them. what goes around comes around, one day same destruction will happened to your country if you keep encouraging these thugs.

  42. Eric Tan

    Glory to HK. Glorious revolution of HK. The HK people will get independence! China will crumble at the altar of democracy and liberty.

  43. Sean Green

    “Protesters make petro bombs”…. does that sentence make sense to you? “Rioters make petro bombs”

  44. ong kim

    You go back to Singapore and lick the LEEs testicals

  45. S S

    commie police dogs must to jail and be tortured, raped in the cell as they are now doing towards student protesters.

  46. kee yong loh

    1 bum down, more to come. Can't wait for the next latest news.

  47. Cardina Cheung

    China should not celebrate in Hong kong.it will just light gasoline to the fire.

  48. Mrchoontoy

    Protestor deserve shot by police

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