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  1. Mark Wazowski

    China was broke…. Then came Clinton. We created this problem with more failed policies. HOW people trust DC is beyond me!

  2. Victor J Lopez

    Keep dreaming, idiot.

  3. alex ramos

    AGREED 💯 🙏🏽

  4. Paul DiBenedetto

    I love hearing intellectuals from America claiming the moral high ground while judging China's behavior as they forget the nation wrecking spree America just engaged in. Remember Iraq? Libya? Americas role in Syria and Yemen? How about spreading that depleted uranium in Serbia and Iraq a few decades ago? Remember that? So if you want the moral high ground, first emigrate to decent neutral nation, and pontificate from there. Being linked to the American devils cancels everything.

  5. Steve Coleman

    Kiissinger is a pedofacist

  6. Byron Eveson

    Fucking boomers, just die already. The PRC is a political party, it is no more evil than any other political party. China is a country with rich culture, mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors. The difference that idiots like Waldron cant get his 'me gen' mind around is that they are a civilization state, not a nation state. The hypocrisy of this soon gone (20 years I hope) generation in demanding diversity at home but conformity to their ideals from the rest of the world is what will likely push us to war. The true evil of our time lies in Waldron's generation.

  7. GJ KONG

    meh, this is how white treat their largest debt owner? pathetic. how a nation's citizen has such arrogance and ignorance, when their government has 22 trillien debt?

  8. Ariey

    The triad is the same as CIA and Ned gangster in Hong Kong.

  9. Daryl Ducasse

    I'm sorry Sir, you've left the US off the list of the Most Evil Regime contenders; also, one of the most immoral. Please do me the favour of disputing this Dr Waldron….then I may pay attention to your proposal.

  10. Domon Kazu

    This fuy is an idiot. The US government is THE MOST EVIL REGIME NOW. This man doesnt know anything my god.

  11. mrrberger

    "China building missiles to blow up Us aircraft carriers and kill Americans" that sounds like a battle waiting to happen. That scares me!

  12. steel man

    They'll just have to fight it out

  13. Lars Grimstad

    Xi and his wife… are the only two chinese nationals in his own immediate family. His relatives are all foreign nationals. Carrie Lam, the pro-government leader in HK, have a husband and sons with UK passports. Noone close to power wants to be Chinese it seems, but they gladly benefit from those that murder, lie, cheat, steal and discredit the people that stand up to them.

  14. Teri Farley

    CFR members love to say democracy and will never ever say republic democratic with inaleanable rights for all including minorities. Democracy = tyranny.

  15. Robert Pajkovski

    This guy is brilliant – but he is up against Wall Street and Chinese money and their stooges and lobbyists who just want to make money.

  16. Tony Kalli

    One forgets about the 20+ million mostly forced abortions per year (parts used in R&D and into smart drugs)and the slave work camps. Chine uses its prison population to work in foreign countries to build infrastructure. (look a Si-era Leon and many places in Africa)

  17. Teri Farley

    The biggest challenge facing Pompeo today is the CFR, especially if Pompeo is of the CFR, in which case he'll sabatoge freedom potential of Chinese people. CFR really is the CCFI, the Council on Communist Foreign Integration. Mark it down, Communism will win as long as the CFR and the UN council US state department continue to go unchecked by American people!

  18. Teri Farley

    The US doesn't belong in the WTO because the US is a fed driven market subjugating the value of the middle class labor, the US is not free market!

  19. Teri Farley

    How can an organization as elite and successful as the CFR, have so many failures that they've overseen? Unless these aren't failures to the CFR but rather all in their plan?

  20. VarietyGamer

    A bunch of crusty old jews jerking themselves off as China rises and the west declines. Wishful thinking in a nutshell.

  21. Rong Li

    Where could I find the script? There are some words that I can not understand as an no-native speaker

  22. deadbutmoving

    China will not Disintegrate and become a Democracy like this guy says. We have been told this lie for 40 years: Don't worry, China will magically become a Western country. It's stupid Western-centric thinking. China is nothing like the Soviet Union. China is not economically weak, and China is a non-Western culture. Furthermore, I fear a Democratic China far more than a Communist China. The Communist have done a great job weakening China and keeping them from flooding into the West. A Democratic China will allow the free flow of people and money which will allow Chinese people to overrun the West on a scale of wealth and population that the Western world has never seen. What Chinese people have done to Toronto and the West coast will be done all over the world. We really should be thanking the Chinese Communist for keeping the flood gates closed. I'd like the West to remain Western. A Democratic free flow of people and money would assuredly destroy Western Civilization.

    Westerners should beware about what they wish for. Because the only thing worse than not getting what you want is…. getting it.

  23. Michael Baker


  24. Michael Baker


  25. Craig Ritchie

    Watch 60 minutes australia…chinese spy has turned & confessing to some amazing things including selecting chinese soldiers to pick up a free library operator in hk who was later found dead.

  26. C C

    Every single year, they predict China will fall…

  27. Stan Field

    Total bollocks

  28. Gabriel Martinez

    Epoch Times…thank you!!!

  29. Alyasa Gan

    How can a country with 6% growth disintergrate. Hk will never affect China because the hong kongers are against China. China hence will be united against foriegn interferance

  30. Truth BeTold

    CIA dysfunctional? Ya THINK??

  31. JeanJean

    USA will collapse into civil war long before China even start to disintegrate

  32. David Sin

    Not to sound like a generalist, but the world seems to be spiraling into "Disintegration"

  33. L.C.

    Haha, no this is pure BS. China has just started. Come back another 200 years.

  34. mcheong1

    Thanks for the fake news. So who is driving it?? Steve Bannon?? Robert Mercer?? Driving for Agenda21 and global economic collapse?? And WW3? A lot of fake news here. Peeps can fact check, and see the truth for themselves. It is just another freedom Syria, Iraq, Ukraine etc. interestingly this professor repeats Steve’s speech. Same script??

  35. Abdulai Bah

    Blame the West for this. They lowered their standards just so that corporations would make trillions at the expense of poor Chinese. Neo liberalism run amok. Now China feels so emboldened that they think they can get away with anything: Eliminate those pesky Uighors. Neutralize democrats in HK. In fact this is just the beginning. In years to come China will further participate in the rise of authoritarianism around the world because that will clear the way for their ultimate goal which is world dominance.

  36. She Who Remembers

    The pivotal point no one ever mentions is that Watergate happened because Nixon ordered CIA to 'buy and burn' all the Golden Triangle opium, on site. Kissinger took control of foreign policy after that. In deference to the MOB and its homeland. Shang-hi Chuck was running the trade, using Flying Tigers before he got shafted and Mao got installed by the cabal. Kissinger is a foreign agent.

  37. 洪国力


  38. 洪国力


  39. Chu Kk

    i ve heard 1000 times that china would collapse for the last decades, so, i start to believe….hahaha

  40. pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    We must stop feeding China

  41. Rona Goodwell

    Great story about Nixon having a Chinese girlfriend. First time I've heard it. Need more details.

  42. Chang

    he looks like a typical white pedo

  43. Anonymous

    Western colonial empire 2.0 are the ones disintegrating.

  44. xadam2dudex

    If China wasn't so arrogant they would have left Hong Kong in the hands of Britain

  45. Player Review

    Doesn't conform to the UN because we set RoC up as a founding member for being Allied in the war and then UN barely managed a passing vote in 1961 for RoC to be replaced by the PRC. RoC wasn't then what it is now and Mongolia's sovereignty was the UN gripe, but no way would today's CCP give sovereignty to a region as we see with militarized South China Sea claims/island building. And, of course PRC possesses and abuses their UN veto power so nothing passed is unfavorable to their country. The CCP loves them some 'Belt and Road Initiative' though!

  46. terry brady

    Anyone paying attention will see, if this keeps squeezing China's
    Government (hong kong protests, scankisions, and such) as with
    All authorian governments they will respond in the only manner they know,
    Violence, Be on the local level, or international, is to be seen.

  47. Duane Bettger

    This guy wanders around and not gets to the point. He looses the thought to what he started talking about by just blabbering on and on and on and on. He loves to hear himself talk and talk and really get nothing said.

  48. kfja1111

    Christians are being killed for organ harvesting? I have attended church many times in China and have never even heard of Christian organ harvesting. Sure we're not as free as in the US but it's hardly what I call persecution. And the speaker even lumps in the Buddhists. LOL!! Obviously this interviewee is a shill. As for Muslims, I guess he is unfamiliar with radical Islamic terrorism. It's all about defending Islam with the western media – no matter what they do, the west will always defend Islam. That's why the mainstream media hate Trump. It's all about protecting those who hate us. if people knew why, their heads would explode.

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