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  1. Liz Camsters

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  2. Hollyberry Perry

    Hi Doctor Bergman, "query"…. You mentioned "sweating" inferred light. What about Native American sweat lodge? I understand this does not have vitamin D but I'm just wondering about sweating. I would like your views on this please.

  3. Michael Brown

    LOL. Chemotherapy. Not recommended by 88% of Oncologist for their family members! Great for you though. Please medical establishment make that commercial.

  4. MJ F

    Yup, they like to take parts out. I had a hysterectomy for a large benign cyst. They told me I might have cancer but it didn't matter because I was over 60 and didn't NEED my lady parts so to to prevent future cancer all was removed. No respect. Been sick and in pain with NO sex life ever since. Then I became super emotional, cried all the time, began bowel and stomach issues. Been through two therapists, two other doctors, even my friends say get over it. Finally, after a year of this, went to a nutritionist and found out my DHEA is 1 (normal 3-10).

  5. M. B.

    I wish I could have sat on on this . I would ask him about Achalasia.

  6. Renee E

    Is a b12 shot bad for you? I'm not sure if it has ingredients like vaccines or not?

  7. Nwabisa Ngewu

    Dr Bergman, can you provide information on primary ovarian insufficiency? You had it on the slide but a not talk to it. If anyone else has any information, I would appreciate it

  8. tomsnews

    Please make a video about smokers and detox of ex smokers

  9. Gina Burson

    Do you a list of doctors that you have trained? I’m looking for one in the Little Rock Arkansas area.

  10. Lourdes Gayas

    Nice of you doc,thank you,God bless.

  11. D Lynn

    Funny thing is that when the water system is fluoridated and the supermarkets have automatic water spritzing of the organic vegetables to keep them crisp…. They just made those vegetables un-organic!

  12. lilmisspeace

    I had chronic fatigue syndrome and an array of problems including muscle weakness, hypothyroidism and ptsd and depression and 20yrs of migraine headaches.
    After many Dr's trying to give me drugs drugs and more drugs, I finally found one who listened to me and ran a full blood screen.
    Turned out I was deficient in ferritin iron and he put me on an iron and vitamin c supplement and within less than an hour of the first dose I had energy and was able to breath properly!!
    Now a month into the "treatment" I am feeling about 70-80% of how good I used to before I got sick!
    Sometimes it can be something so simple but you need a good health carer to investigate.
    The Dr also sent me to the chiropractor because a scan showed a reverse curve in my neck – what a legend! !

  13. Kimberly M

    Love! You're so cool!

  14. ottomanpapyrus

    whats good sources of calcium?

  15. Jessie

    Love you so much!

  16. Irate People

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  19. Sath Sah

    There are many sleepmeditation youtube videos or manifestation video .. biurnal beats.. these diaturb your sleep i assume.

  20. Grandiose Pte Ltd

    Surprised.mm sardine in. Can

  21. Mona Dimitri

    I am 68 and on HRT ,don’t take anything other then that ,should I stop what do I do ?

  22. Lefty5522ladyann Ladyann44

    miracle spring water?

  23. kim scudiero

    1 out of 2 will have basal cell carcinoma…not a big worry!!!

  24. Jeannette V

    Wow, I wish you were my doctor!

  25. Jackie Burns

    Thoughts on HRT possible cause for lupus in post-menopausal women?

  26. Habeeb Mohammed

    this is very good knowledge
    see this http://za.gl/ncUCD5F

  27. Mindy Adams

    Applying the truth sets you free.

  28. Anshuman Karak

    For best improvement in women health click this link*http://oke. io/FYJsSe*

  29. Gum Arabic USA

    How healthy are your Probiotics?

  30. linda from ga

    I'm scheduled for a LEEP "procedure" Monday, because I had abnormal cells in my Pap smear! I'm a grandma and way past menopause. I'm thinking about cancelling . I don't want to be sliced & diced

  31. Lisa Hewson

    Wish I had had this information before having my lumpectomy and radiation treatments back in November. ugh.

  32. Alex Swann

    This is a fascinating video. I want to cite some of your sources regarding the statistics bout breast cancer. Is there a place I can see the list of references you cite in your lecture? It is for school and sources must come from medical scholarly articles otherwise I would simply cite this video.

  33. Cheryl Willingham

    After watching your wonderful and insightful videos, it's embarrassing to think of body issues that I have had and have allowed drs to just prescribe pills. About 5 yrs ago I was dealing with extreme stress at work. I was literally having mini breakdowns. Go to Dr. and am prescribed HBP, Cholestrol, and prediabetic med. I also was dealing with such intense pain where my gallbladder is I could barely walk. This went on for a yr. NOt fun when my job is very physical. Did ultrasound no stones. Skip a few yrs, off meds although my sugar levels are still at "prediabetic." I still have mild pain throughout my body and the gallbladder pain never really went away. I am now dealing with maybe menopause but my uterus does not want to cooperate so am scheduled for a endometrial biopsy nxt week. Watching your videos definitely gives me 20'20 hindsight. I hope I can make better decisions in the future and find the right dr.

  34. soilofk

    Great talk, but what about years, years ago….1500s , 1800s people had cancer back then and we were not as toxic as now, food was pretty much "organic"… Wonder…

  35. Renee Peng

    Hello Dr. Bergman. Hometown hero Travis Allen for the win to over turn sb277. Big day tomorrow.

  36. Cybil Snarf

    I truly wish your information could reach more of the general public. People are so brainwashed!!

  37. Sarah Truth

    Thank you genius ❤️

  38. ibelieve

    so if you have a slightly overactive thyroid you can take iodine, i wish dr bergman was here in the uk. he's authentic, believes in what he is doing to educate and i believe he will treat you regardless. good man

  39. Shaheda Usherr

    How do I control my hyperthyroidism

  40. Buka N

    when I watch your videos its like the best class possible XOX

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